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TALLON: Kulikov Wasn't Traded

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DETROIT -- Florida GM Dale Tallon denied Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada report that a trade between the Panthers and Colorado fell apart. The report said the supposed trade was the reason why defenseman Dmitry Kulikov was scratched from the lineup last Tuesday against Ottawa.

"No, we sat him because of his play,'' Tallon said. "[Kulikov] needed a little refresher. I've liked the way he's played since.''

Kulikov, 23, is a restricted free agent and Florida -- as long as it keeps him -- holds his NHL rights for the next two seasons.



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Statsny was probably the return and the Panthers missed out. I bet that was the case. Kulikov is a bum.

Rumor is that it was McGinn, not Stasny...I think if it had been Stansy, Tallon would have pulled that trigger already.

I would trade Kulikov for a small popcorn and a Diet Coke. The only things he's good for are turnovers and foolish penalties.

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