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SEAN BERGENHEIM: Feeling Good, Made Right Decision to Skip Sochi

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Sean Bergenheim said he has no regrets for turning down Finland's late offer to join its national team in Sochi. Bergenheim said before the break that he needed the additional time off after missing all of last year and part of this one due to numerous surgeries relating to his groin and abdomen.

Finland won Bronze by beating the U.S. national team 5-0.

"I feel really good, not a question in my mind that I made the right decision,'' said Bergenheim, who has 13 goals and six assists in 43 games.

"I want to play for the Florida Panthers down the stretch -- and I was thinking about last year. I'm really happy about the progress I've made.''



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I think he has one more year left on his contract, and
you could do worse than Bergy for a 3rd or 4th line LW(which is what he should be).

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