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MASKED MAN: Roberto Luongo Breaks Out Old 'Pink Panther' Mask from 2006

TWITTER: @GeorgeRichards

When Roberto Luongo walked out onto the Panthers' practice ice on Thursday, he had a familiar look.

Well, sure, he spent five seasons with Florida before being sent to Vancouver in one of the greatest heists in hockey history.

Luongo, not wanting to look like Mr. Plain, went into his closet and dug out his old mask from his final season with the Panthers. He brought it with him to practice and had it dusted off and updated a bit.

Panthers assistant equipment manager Chris Moody said Luongo's old mask is fine for him to wear in games for the time being as there hasn't been many changes in technology for hockey masks since the time he left.

The Panthers had a newer white mask ready for Luongo just in case, however, but he showed up with his old one. The team switched out the straps, sweat band and chin guard and his old mask was ready to go.

A new mask is said to be in the works but won't be ready for a few weeks.