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CURTAINS!: Panthers to Seriously Cut Back on Sunrise Capacity in 2014-15?


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The Panthers had a huge curtain cutting off part of the end zone at Tuesday's morning skate and it looks like that may be a sign of things to come.

According to the team website, seats in those sections aren't being offered as part of any season ticket plan. As you can see from the chart below, season ticket sales end at Section 306 and resume in 313*. It also appears the tarps are staying as 'Goal Zone' seats will only be sold up to row 10.

(*) The team is renaming the 400 level the 300 level as well.

The Panthers have already cut chunks out of the upper deck with tarps the past few seasons, opening up seats as the need arises. I would think the curtain would be gone for single game tickets if needed (when Montreal comes to town, the Holiday Series) but will ask about this when I'm at the game tonight.

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Maybe there is some sort of reward for reaching a better capacity/attendance rate?

Not a good sign... I haven't seen this in the NHL ever. This is very typical in AHL arenas (Charlotte, Hartford, etc..)

Curtains = Death

Never a good sign.

Ship em to Hartford!

The curse of Stu Barnes continues.

No reason is a good reason. Can't even give tickets away. Pathetic

Do you think this means they will move out of South Florida?

I've been told it will cost about $200 million to break the lease with the county. And the NHL wants them here, wants them to succeed here. So not anytime soon,

It wasn't that long ago that the Heat had to do this for an entire season. Winning changes everything.

@GeorgeRichards Thats a relief at least. I mean a top market for advertising at the very least for the NHL which needs exposure (at least my opinion.) I feel like the NHL will expand before more relocation occurs.

But I dont know why they would tarp off seats. Renovation? To me seems like just lost product that could be sold? Do NHL teams make more money on arena capacity percentage? Maybe trying to make a TV deal?

It is just hard to see a sliver lining here when all the talks about the county about renegotiation for the lease at BB&T and now this. I am hoping Viola really follows through with his promise to South Florida....

For hockey they should put a tarp over Club Dead. All those empty seats at center ice, so obvious on TV, makes this franchise even more of a laughing stock.

The Panthers cover seats because they don't want the arena to look as empty as it actually is.

The Panthers used to be a cheap entertaining product. Now they may be entertaining next year, but not cheap, and I'm not renewing my season tickets. They have gone up $1000 in 2 year, and I say no mas.,

why god?why do I still love the team that doesnt care about its fans.

@David Kessler but covering seats at the upper bowl seems a bit excessive...?

Franchises in every sport have had trouble selling tickets. Dolphins dont sell out, tv buys the remaining tix. Heat had trouble for years and did same thing. Club Red was waste as people stayed inside to eat and watch tv. @jmike, where do you sit? Lower bowl? That makes sense.

its a front running phony town and it always has been. They need to put a quality product on the ice for starters..people are tired of paying to see futility.The organization has been promising for years things will be better, all the so called young talent wich is their cheapskate way of weaseling out on the fans.Viola needs to put his money where his mouth is..Im a former season ticket holder and will not spend another nickel on this team until they show me they are serious about winning. Then maybe te fans will return

"I've been told it will cost about $200 million to break the lease with the county. And the NHL wants them here, wants them to succeed here. So not anytime soon,"

Apparently, you don't know about the ironclad Cleveland Browns lease back in the 1990's that STILL didn't stop Art Modell from moving the team to Baltimore anyway!

Also, last time I checked, Steve Ballmer and Quebecor has ULTRA deep pockets. Translation: 200 million buy out is chump change in addition to building a new arena and paying relocation fees.

Oh, and Vinnie Viola=Jeffrey Loria

You better find the Jerry Buss of Miami hockey if you want this team to survive long-term.

Yeah, I don't know anything about how the bankrupt Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore. And ended up losing the team anyway. Trust me, I know all about it.

Shouldve never left Miami. Crappy ass team, now its a crappy ass team thats 45 minutes away.

I'm with you. Abandoning the biggest market in SF was a huge mistake they dearly pay for.
Heck, there even will be soccer in dwntwn Miami soon, with flashy views overlooking the Magic City skyline.
But nothing in comparison to spectacular Sunrise, the center of it all ...

Maybe in 2015, maybe in 2016, but someday this team will move to Quebec.

I do love flying down to South Florida, staying with friends, then buying a $69.50 ticket behind the goal, the Bruins shoot at twice. That same ticket is $256 in Boston.

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