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PETER HORACHEK: Disappointed He's Not Returning, Wishes Florida Panthers Well in Future

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I spoke with former Panthers coach Peter Horachek this afternoon just a few hours after he was let go by the team.

Horachek didn't have one bad thing to say about the organization although it's obvious he wishes he had the opportunity to continue coaching them.

Horachek, who lives in downtown Fort Lauderdale, said he spoke with Barry Trotz before Dale Tallon called with the news and again afterward. Horachek says his good pal will "get scooped up pretty quickly" and that Florida would be lucky to have him -- if that's how things go down.

Here's what Peter had to say:


"I knew there would be a decision made. I thought my chances were 50-50 on coming back. I thought if they knew for sure, they would have made a decision right away.

"I'm disappointed but the decision has to be made.

"I'll get another opportunity somewhere. I'm grateful for the chance to do it here. I'll get a chance to be a head coach in this league again. I take nothing but positives from my time here.


On last season:

"I don't think as a coach you're ever completely happy with the way things went. It takes a while to get to know the personnel, takes a while to have the staff to get to know each other. It took some time.

"You just want to see some energy, some structure. That was the first thing to happen. I think a lot of that happened. That was a positive. The special teams were a disappointment. With that, different factors happened.

"Once you got to the trade deadline and Goc and Weaver were traded, we were looking at using the experience of young players and giving guys an opportunity. We were close to .500. You just have to say 'what do we need.'

"It would be exciting for me to move forward with this team, to be part of the development and growth and part of the process.

"I don't know how many years it will be before you're legitimately fighting for a Stanley Cup but it can be done pretty quickly if you make the right choices and make the right decisions. We're taking a few years for sure.


On wanting to be part of the Panthers' future:

"That's obviously the biggest disappointment. I didn't come into the season thinking we would win the Stanley Cup this year. I didn't think the team was there.

"But I wanted to be part of the development of the young players and see the growth of them. That's a disappointment.

"You can see some of the talent here, you can see the possibilities that can come forth if you do the right thing. You would like to continue the process over the long haul. That would have been a very exciting thing.

These things don't happen sometimes. You can't look back, make excuses. You just have to move forward to build and grow. You have to have a growth analysis and move forwrd. I always look forward and see where I'm going as a coach.

"I don't dwell on negatives. I got a chance to coach. You want the opportunity to continue with them, but decisions are made for the betterment of the team and they have to make them.

"I'll move on to the next situation and I believe in myself and what I'm capable of doing. I'll move onto the next stage and appreciate the chance Dale and the ownership gave me.

"I'll move on and wish them all the best.


On Barry Trotz:

"I talk to him all the time, in fact we spoke twice today; once at 7 this morning before I got the news. I talked to him a few days ago, spoke once a week during the season to see how things were going for him.

"When something like this happens, there are a lot of calls and you have to get back to a lot of people.

Barry will obviously have a great opportunity. He's been a very successful coach for 15 years in Nashville and I think he'll be quickly scooped up.

"If he was given the opportunity and thought [Florida] was best for him, I would wish him all the best in that. "Absolutely. I wish him nothing but the best. Let the chips fall where they may. I wish Dale and the Panthers nothing but the best. I hope things go well. They have great young players like Barkov, Bjugstad, Shore .-.-. I hope they develop into star players. They are good players now, but I think they will be stars.