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SCOTT CLEMMENSEN: Playing in the NHL and for the Panthers was a 'Privilege'

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UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- Scott Clemmensen likely made his final appearance with the Panthers in Tuesday's 4-2 loss to the Islanders.

Clemmensen played well at times and didn't get much help.

Florida was being outshot 28-13 by the end of the second period and ended up at a 40-22 disadvantage.

"Playing in the NHL is a privilege and playing for the Panthers was just that,'' said Clemmensen, who could return to Florida's minor league team in San Antonio in the coming days.

"I played with a tremendous amount of guys over my five years and I don't know what's going to happen in the future. I'm taking it one day at a time and appreciating everything. I'm taking it all in. Regardless of what happens, I'll look back and know I laid it all on the line. I'll have no regrets.''



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I hope this offseason when Vinnie Viola is about to get cheap and not go after a high priced free-agent he remembers what it feels like to lose these emabrrassing type of games. I hope he thinks backs to last night and says "never again."

Hey Vinnie, New York is no different depsite what many New Yorkers like to think. No one wants to watch a crappy team. Not here. Not in New York. Spend money and people will come and support these guys. Get cheap and you get empty seats. That goes for every NHL team. Not just Florida. When the Jets suck they're seats are empty too.

who are you going to throw 5 mil a year at. Alex hemsky or Danny heatley. no real fee agents out there. maybe we can grab a bunch of high priced vets like the ones we got now does jovo ring a bell or an underachiever like flash. our maybe we can hinder the development of players by having 7 mil tied up in a d man that's -250 on the year, I'm looking at you soupy.

Get rid of Scott Luce, head of scouting. He cannot pick talent and ship Dale Tallon with him.

I agree time to get rid of the complete hockey operations side

The GM of Buffalo says it takes less than 5 years to rebuild, we are going backwards

Host the draft with the first pick and get McDavid

This year another top 4 pick

Last in power play last in penalty kill

Next to last in goal differential

No development of players

No winning environment even AHL team at bottom of standings

Only one year in history of franchise (20 years) where we won a playoff series

Every year team quits at the end of year

No pride no winning attitude

Nothing changes only panthers make excuses and talk a good game

The Panthers need to find mean defensemen who will punish the opposition forwards so they don't want to come down to our end. Unfortunately they have too many defensemen who like to jump up in the play and get caught flatfooted as forwards sneak past them and create odd man rushes. It pathetic to see the opposition run into our goalies with no Panther defenseman doing anything about it.

I'm losing patience with Dale Tallon. Like the Panthers, Colorado finished poorly last year and they have a low payroll too, but unlike the Panthers this year, they will be in the playoffs.

We're no where near the Avs. They got,mckinnon,landeskog, stastny, duchene and oreilly up front

How the hell has Scott Luce kept his job for 10 yrs? He must be on the cheap. 20 yrs of inconsistency from top to bottom and he has a job for 10 yrs. we are the marlins of hockey.

as our season comes to an end, some songs come to my mind. i think this is a good way to handle the unfathomable depths our franchise seems to be going; there seems to be no rock bottom.

my playlist to sing my frustrations away is:
1. “Killing me softly with this is song” (each year we are going to get better… yeah right) we cant seem to get any of our prospects to the potential levels they all say they would have when they draft them… maybe 1 or two have some glimmering light but yet to see any of them from the years come to be the prime stars of the nhl.
2. “here comes the sun little darling”… all of the Free agents we have brought seem to be in Florida for other reasons rather than playing hockey. Top notch free agents do not come our way because of some internal problem; albeit money, personnel, system of play, etc… So we get some has been players who enjoy a nice pay check, go fishing, shopping and enjoy life while putting out such a bad product on the ice… but they don’t worry b/c “its all right”…. 
and then the panthers owners and PR do some social engineering with us fans giving us bobble heads of past players who did something in Florida… please… stop. the only glory days we had was our 96 Stanley cup run… all other years have failed. i don’t want our franchise to characterized as Al Bundy (scored 4 touch downs in a high school championship game, while his life in the moment was depressing, to say the least)

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