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SEARCH CONTINUES: Panthers Closing in on New Coach

The Panthers have narrowed their coaching candidates to five with general manager Dale Tallon as well as owners Vinnie Viola and Doug Cifu meeting with those candidates this week in New York.

Tallon told TSN's Darren Dreger at the GM meetings today that former Penguins coach Dan Bylsma "interviewed strong" on Tuesday.

I was told the team had a good interview with veteran coach Tom Renney on Wednesday as well.

Tallon confirmed five of the finalists for the job although Renney wasn't among them. It sounds like the former Rangers coach is still in play for the job, however.

The other candidates for the job are: Bylsma, former Blue Jackets head coach and current Canadiens assistant Gerard Gallant (who coached Jonathan Huberdeau in juniors), former Sharks and Leafs coach Ron Wilson, former Avs coach Marc Crawford and Red Wings assistant Bill Peters.

Expect this interview process to be wrapped up quickly with the new coach hired as soon as this weekend. A announcement is expected to be made some time next week, although, it could come sooner.




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Interesting as the thought was Stevens was in play, however it looks like Tallon was waiting for Gallant, and/or Bylsma,

This team needs a coach that is a teacher and is patient and will let the players make mistakes without it being held against them that they lose ice time, as long as they learn from the mistakes.

I do not believe that Wilson would be that coach.

I would pick Gallant or Peters from that list. Bylsma couldn't win with the 2 best players and he has a reputation of going with the vets over the young guys.

I hope its Bylsma... We need a guy that wants and expects to win and has that attitude. If you watch the playoffs Crosby was not interested in being a leader and playing defense and Bylsma was saddled with a below par goalie....I hope it's him...we need some legitimacy.

Ditto-Most of the time having one forward superstar or two is a major headache makes the other coach job easier by assigning a pest to block them.
Bylsma or Crawford make sense Wilson is too old and no more assistants learning on the job. Interesting who will be Assist GM.

Emilio Estevez couldnt help this team.

I hear Erik Spoelstra will be available come Sunday night!:)

How in the heck does someone not want to hire Bylsma! He "couldn't win with the 2 best players in the league"? Well, no worries about that here! He's the BEST available..Pittsburgh went pretty far with the most inconsistent goaltending year after year. Bylsma also carries RESPECT. Other F/A's may tend to want to follow him..Make that REAL KEY F/A's...Bylsma should be handed the job IF he wants it. My second choice WAY WAY WAY back on the back burner is Gallant.

If it ain't Byslsma it means
A) He didn't want to come here or
B) Ownership is doing things on the cheap .....Again

I think the days of cheap ownership is done. This guy has other ideas with that arena, property, etc. I think he wants to win. We'll soon see just how bad.

I agree with JR, the dude (not JR of course) just coached the Olympic team. Even if they dissappointed, it carries alot of weigh in my book. Get him.

I hope you guys are right....But hasn't every new owner in the past promised to do things right and spend to what this team needs and then tries to cut corners to save? I'm not a huge Bylsma fan but, the other guys are all merry-go-round coaches

If they are merry-go-round coaches then they fit in real good witty this Mickey Mouse organization. JR, talk is cheap. What else is he going to say when he buys the team?

I really could care less about the coach. If this team doesn't start acquiring some legitimate talent, besides draft picks, no coach is going to succeed here. It's the players. They are the ones out on the ice. Go get stars. Not old ones like the Marlins, either. Get guys that have 6 or 7 years left. Enough with these 3 and 4th line retreads from other teams. They thought Versteeg was going to make a difference and become a mainline star. Funny!

Either you're serious about being a contender or not.

Wilson is too old and too many losses. Get the one with fewest losses and most wins: Bylsma and Crawford are winners ---the rest are deja vue. Renney (??) my 3rd choice.
Crawford is very sharp and may surprise the whole NHL after 2 years in Europe and became coach of the year too.

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