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LOOK WHO'S BACK: Florida Panthers bring back Denis Potvin

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After five years away from the organization, Denis Potvin will be back calling Florida Panthers games on television once more.

Potvin, a Hall of Fame defenseman who won four Stanley Cups as captain of the Islanders, was reintroduced as television analyst for the Panthers.

Potvin had worked Florida hockey games from the franchise's inception in 1993; he was let go by previous team president Michael Yormark following the 2008-09 season.

New Panthers president Rory Babich called the new broadcast team one of the best in hockey.

With Potvin joining play-by-play voice Steve Goldstein in the booth, Billy Lindsay -- who replaced Potvin in 2009 -- will take on a new role as sideline reporter as well as serve as in-game analyst during intermissions as well as the pre and post-game shows.

Randy Moller will remain the team's radio voice.

"We are pleased to welcome Denis back to the broadcast booth for the Florida Panthers," Babich said in a statement.

"With an exciting season on the ice right around the corner, the addition of Denis, a hockey legend with long-term ties to the organization, to the existing broadcast team of Steve, Billy and Drew promises to provide an enhanced experience for our TV viewers with one of the premier broadcast teams in the NHL."

I've reached out to Denis and hope to have something from him later today.

It's been no secret that Denis has missed living in South Florida although he was happy being able to work close to home in Ottawa the past few seasons.

Here's what Denis said when he was let go in 2009:

''I wasn't prepared for it. They had talked about reorganizing, renegotiating a lower rate. We never got to that. It's all about the economy. Now I'm looking for new opportunities. This is new to me. I've never been fired. I'm not done, not by a long shot.


''It's been exciting, a good run. Florida has become our home, our kids have grown up here. But their minds were made up. This isn't like the old days. Once you're somewhere for so long, you think you're a lifer. Things are different now. I have a lot of good memories. But once they told me I was done, I walked out.''

Check back later for more updates and hopefully some fresher quotes.



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Really glad to see Dennis back.I;ve met him several times and he's a class act.Another great offseason move by the Panthers.

FINALLY, this team gets something right! They should've never let him go in the first place. It should've been Yormack that was let go many, many years ago.

Great move. Agree with PANTHERPETE should never let him go in the first place. It will be music to my ears listening to Denis during games. Another nice UFA signing!

great rehire as the organization rids itself of Yormark's people and becomes a hockey organization instead of an organization that was more concerned with non related hockey items.

Now lets compete on the ice and become a power.

Glad Denis is coming back. Ah, the infamous Michael Yormark.

Too bad Billy can't join Goldy and Denis in the booth. Billy did a good job too!

Looks like Viola wants the Panthers in the HOCKEY business. I know that many are against letting the Ice Dancers go, I disagree. Winning games puts the ASS in the seat, let's try and do that and see what happens. Denis is great, and a HUGE "WELCOME BACK", you belong here with US!

Great news. Now if they will get rid of that horrible loud music, the strobe lights, and the other minor league in game entertainment, real hockey fans like me will start attending games again.

Yes! Best panther news Ive heard in a few seasons. Billy was alright -- but the Goldie - Denis duo was great.

Having Denis back brings some credibility and national exposure back to the Panthers. He is a top analyst with history and knowledge of the game. GREAT MOVE!! First class!

Put billy between the benches

Such a solid move by the team!!! Aaaaaaannnddd of course I move out of the broadcast zone just when the Cats bring back one of the best color analyists in the business... Natch...

Excellent. Billy provided some great insights, but it was brutal listening to him torture the English language.

I'm glad someone else mentioned the music. Not only is the selection mostly horrible, but they don't quite play it LOUD enough. I'm not sure that its necessary to have music playing everysinglesecond that there's a moments break on the ice.

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