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Be on the Lookout for the Herald Football Preview

Sorry for the lack of updates today guys, I've been putting the final touches on the FSU portion of the Herald football preview. We've got position-by-position grades, a schedule breakdown and a full preview coming your way to get you ready for the 7th ranked Seminoles 2012 campaign.

So be on the lookout for the football pull-out, and we'll have plenty of regularly scheduled content again starting tomorrow.


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Who cares? Nobody likes the Criminoles anyway. Why don't you move to Tallahasse?

David Singer

South Dade Seminole football game watching party's will be held at Homefield Sports Bar and Grill, located at Kendall Drive and 122nd Avenue. 305 412-2220


Hey Larry,

Speak for yourself...loser. I love my 'Noles and I actually have lived in Tallahassee. Had great times too, but I love Miami (the city).

You are either a 'Canes fan who is bitter or a Gator fan. But I won't talk about the U because I grew up down here and have lots of respect for the strong history of the school. If you're a Gator fan...well...not much left to say about that. It speaks for itself.

In any case, get a life. Maybe if you stuck to making comments on your team's blog you wouldn't look like quite the loser that you appear to be now.

Fear the Spear...Oh wait! It seems that you already do, clown.


Hey David,

Thanks for the info! Might stop by for a game.

Go Noles!!

U never went there

MDCC doesn't have a football team.
Go away, troll.


Homefield half a mile from my house. Will be there.

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