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Don't Forget About Seminoles' Carradine, Not That He Plans to Let You

Cornellius Carradine, better known as Tank, probably isn't one of the first names out of your mouth when you think of this Florida State defensive line.

The senior, who arrived as a juco transfer last season, has quietly flown under the radar as the Seminoles' starting defensive ends and talented freshmen get all the headlines.

But as Bjoern Werner told me emphatically earlier today, Tank Carradine's ready to break out.

"It's not only me and Brandon, it's me, Tank (Carradine) and Brandon," Werner told me when I asked him about competing for sacks with Jenkins.

"Tank's playing on a level that's just amazing, for him to be called a backup is just crazy because he's as good as me and Brandon. All three of us know that and it's going to a three-way sack [race]."

Last season Carradine came in after two years at Butler Community College and struggled to pick things up at the beginning of the year. But now, after a full spring and summer to get comfortable in the defense, things look to be different in Tank's senior year.

"I feel great because I know the system, I know all the plays, I know everyone's job so I feel much better about this year as opposed to last year because I didn't know too much what I was doing," admitted Carradine. "I know a lot now in this defense so I feel much more comfortable this year."

Werner took it a step further, he thinks by year's end Carradine will be in the same grouping as him and Jenkins, who was named a preseason all-american by SI. 

"Me and Brandon get a lot of attention and he wants to prove everyone wrong," said Werner. "He wants people to speak about him too. He wants to show that he's as good as we are. And me and Brandon know that [he is].

"He's going to have a great year, me and Brandon know that because we see how hard he works and how good he is, it's just people don't know about him yet."

They will soon, even despite struggling to pick things up as a junior transfer, Carradine still notched 5.5 sacks and was a force on the line by the end of the season. 

This year he's being unleashed, with a better grasp of the defense the coach's have let him play both sides, something that should significantly increase his playing time.

"Last year I only played one side," said Carradine. "This year I'm playing both sides so I think I'll be getting equal reps as the ones, but I will be playing more this year playing both sides."

One element that may actually give Carradine a bit of an advantage in the sack-race with his fellow defensive ends is his ability to come off the bench fresh against worn down offensive tackles. 

After Jenkins and Werner terrorize oppozing tackles they will be spelled by a fresh defensive end whom both swear is every bit as talented as they are.

Opposing offenses should just love that.

"They get tired and when I come in I'm fresh, I'm ready," said Carradine. "You can tell some tackles they don't hit their full potential, they're not motivated, they like moving fast and running and stuff, but when I come they just die down."




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