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FSU's Bjoern Werner Talks Football in Germany, Twitter Fame

Bjoern Werner is a pseudo-pop culture phenomenon in Tallahassee and amongst the Florida State fanbase.

The 6-4, 250-pound German-born defensive end cuts a menacing figure, sports huge mutton-chop side burns and absolutely obliterates ballcarriers and quarterbacks.

And the fans love him for it.

A local radio host has dubbed him Von Striker, complete with an explosive sound effects package every time his name is mentioned during the show. He's been the subject of memes on Twitter and message boards across the country. 

Werner admits he tries not to get caught up in the sideshow, but it's hard sometimes.

"I don't try to follow it, but it's hard because of having a Facebook. Your teammates have fans and they all have Twitter and it's posted and even if you don't try to look for stuff like that you find it," said Werner. "So yeah I saw it."

Werner has a sense of humor about these things though, one meme in particular had him in stitches.


"I've seen the Game of Thrones picture, that was pretty funny, man. I was laughing hard," said Werner. "I thought it was a pretty good picture, too."

One of the things that makes Werner so unique is one of the things he'd like to change though if he achieves the level of success he envisions for himself.

Werner was born in Berlin, he is on an NFL trajectory which is something very few actual Germans have ever accomplished. Football is growing in popularity in Germany, but not at the rate Werner would like.

"Not taking off like soccer but it's growing," said Werner. "It's getting bigger, more and more people have started playing football so it's starting to get there."

But if Werner can make the NFL he has a shot to really make an impact. There have been a handful of German-born players in the NFL, but many were born on US army bases, far fewer are actually of German descent.

Werner has a chance to be a superstar at the next level, NFL scouts are acutely aware of this and already as a junior Werner is on many a big board around the league. 

The impact being the first real NFL star out of Germany would be massive on the country's football programs. It could help launch a generation of young German children that want to grow up to be Bjoerns.

"Oh yeah, I always think about if I can reach all of my goals how can I give back to German football, how can I improve it?" said Werner. "That's a main goal for me, I've got a lot of support back in Germany I just want to try and hopefully reach all those NFL stars and I can go back and say 'I made it, hey, let me teach you guys how I did that.'

"It's a plan of mine."

As for what those plans might be specifically, Werner isn't ready to say just yet.

"I don't know yet," joked Werner. "I have a couple of ideas that I cannot say because, you know, what if another German jumps ahead of me?"




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