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Tyler Hunter Issues Formal Apology (Full)

Over the summer Tyler Hunter got himself in plenty of hot water over some very incendiary remarks he made on Twitter about the police. The incident caught a few headlines and rankled the FSU administration enough that they have placed Hunter in reconciliatory program aimed at educating him as to just how inappropriate the remarks were. Hunter volunteered his time, received eductation from former and current police and did ridealongs with Tallahassee law enforcement.

Jimbo Fisher was very careful to make sure Hunter didn't apologize publicly until he had satisfied the coaches and administrators that the lesson had been learned.

On Thursday, Hunter apologized in a written statement:

“Before I take the field to represent Florida State again, I wanted to make sure I apologized for the hurtful tweets I posted on my twitter account about police officers. It was a terrible mistake and something I wish I could take back. I never meant to be hurtful and disrespectful to police officers and the families of fallen officers. I’ve appreciated the time the Florida State police officers have spent with me educating me about their jobs and the jobs of other officers. I’ve learned about the risks they take daily for our safety, the sacrifices they make and know it’s not an easy job. Nothing should have caused me to quote or use words like that.

“I never meant to embarrass my teammates, my coaches, my family, the university or the alumni like that. I’ve learned from this and hopefully can move past this so I can represent Florida State in the right way.”

Afterwards head coach Jimbo Fisher also provided a few comments, but admitted that he'd like to see this put behind Hunter provided the time is right.

“I want to put it behind us if it’s ready to be put behind us," said Fisher. "That was a major thing he [Hunter] said and did, and he knows he was wrong. That’s why I wanted to make sure he understood and got enough knowledge of what he was actually talking about, so he could understand the ramifications of what people go through and what happens. Those people put their lives on the line for us every day.”

“I think he has a greater appreciation for that now.”

Hunter is a sophomore safety who is expected to play a role in nickel sets and as a key reserve this season.





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