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A Little Levity: Rick Trickett Provides Florida State With a Good Laugh

Before we look forward to Clemson, another look back at a moment from last weekend's 52-0 win over Wake. You may remember on Chris Thompson's 80-yard run a flag was thrown and Florida State was assessed a penalty on the kickoff for a sideline violation.

What happened was a referee ran into Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett. Watch.

On Monday morning, Jimbo Fisher and EJ Manuel admitted the team had a good laugh after they saw it play out on film.

"At first I thought he called a hold on Kenny [Shaw], I didn’t see it," said Fisher. "The officials had just gotten on us about cleaning the sidelines. You know guys get in that white and we kept them back but when [Trickett] saw the run and he stepped up and looked at it."

"Like he said 'all last year he hadn’t seen a run that long so he was going to watch it.'"

Last year Florida State struggled to run the ball, as has been well documented. Chris Thompson's explosive afternoon on Saturday was the first time in probably a year that the run game has really popped. There have been moments, but on Saturday the Seminoles looked explosive running the football again.

A lot of that was the offensive line, so you can't really begrudge Trickett the enthusiasm. Just like you can't begrudge the Seminoles for laughing when he got drilled.

The whole thing first came up when a reporter asked Jimbo if he'd liked Trickett's block on the Thompson run.

"Getting run over is not a block," Fisher said dryly, then added. "You know the best thing about it though? It wasn't a long fall."

Neither Trickett nor Fisher tower over anyone.

Fisher said he really started to crack up about it when he went home that night though.

"I realized [what happened] but I never saw what happened. It was about six o’clock or whatever and I was grading film at the house, I was looking at it and I started laughing," said Fisher. "Candi’s in the other room with some friends and family and she heard me, she says 'what are you laughing at?' I said 'watch this,' she came in she took her phone and took the video then she started texting it to the [coaches'] wives. Everybody had a good laugh."

The players got a good kick out of it once they saw it on film too.

"What made it worse was the referee kind of gathered himself to give [Trickett] the push," said EJ Manuel. "He could have ran around him or something but that’s the referee’s zone, guess he should have gotten out of the way.

"He learned."

I'll have more later, but in the meantime I figured I'd pass along one of the lighter moments from this morning's press conference.




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