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Halftime: Clemson 21 FSU 14

If Florida State could get out of its own way they may be in control of this game, but a sloppy first half and a highly opportunistic Clemson offense have made this into a shoot-out. It's 21-14 at halftime.

For starters, credit Clemson with making some big plays. They have taken advantage of a few blown assignments and also made a few plays themselves. This is a very good offense. 

But Florida State has done itself few favors. Penalties, miscues and a whole range of other mistakes have kept the Seminoles from playing the game they're capable of in the first half.

Defensively, Florida State needs to calm down and just play within themselves. The Seminoles have had a tough time getting off the field, covering the Tiger receivers and maintaining their assignments on misdirections. That's let Clemson move the ball and score 21 points. 

Florida State could have changed the direction this thing was headed in the second quarter if not for a pretty bad turnover. Rashad Greene's muffed punt gave Clemson the momentum heading into the half and Dustin Hopkins' two misses have the Tigers ahead by a touchdown instead of four or one. 

The Seminoles are fine though, they need to make some adjustments but this offense has been moving the ball all evening and they have a nice homefield advantage should it be close late in the game.

The key for FSU in the second half will be eliminating the penalties and mistakes. If FSU just plays its game, they've got the firepower to pull this one out. But the more they give Clemson, the more the Tigers are going to take control of this game.

There's a lot of football left. Stay tuned.




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