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More on EJ Manuel's Saturday Night Performance

If you haven't had a chance to read this morning's column on EJ Manuel emerging as a Heisman contender, take the chance to check it out now.

Following up on that article though, on Monday morning Manuel addressed the media after being honored with several distinctions for his breakout performance in the Seminoles' 49-37 win over Clemson.

For his 482 total yards Manuel earned ACC honors as its offensive back of the week in addition to Davey O'Brian weekly honors as the top national quarterback. Manuel is also being mentioned in the top three or four names on most Heisman lists around the country after turning in what is arguably the best Heisman-caliber performance of any player all season.

Geno Smith at West Virginia is considered by many to be the front-runner, ironic considering Manuel and Smith would have squared off two weeks ago in a very good QB-matchup had the Big 12 not accepted WVU and tossed the schedules into disarray.

So far though, of all the Heisman hopefuls, nobody has made a statement on a national stage against a good team like Manuel has. On Saturday night the whole country watched Florida State's fifth-year QB lead a team whose back was against the walls, on a 35-3 run to come back and crush a very talented Clemson team.

Both of the honors, as well as the Heisman consideration, are well deserved. On Monday though, Manuel wasn't all that interested:

"I'm happy we won," said Manuel. "We were able to show the nation what kind of team we are. I was just proud of what we did, how we displayed it out there."

"Personal accolades are one things but when it's a team you've got to win. Nobody's going to care about the personal accolades unless you win. That's why I'm a huge believer in winning, as long as we keep winning games I think [the awards not just for me but for] the rest of my teammates are all going to come."

Manuel's head coach made an interesting analogy when he was asked about his quarterback's newly launched Heisman candidacy.

"To me the Heisman's a popularity contest, do you want to be a show dog or a hunting dog?" asked Fisher. "I'd rather have a hunting dog, when he sees it and I let him out of that truck he's ready to go. I think that's what he is and he understands that.

"I'd go hunting with him."

Fisher also said that if Manuel does win it's great but that it's ultimately out of his control, what is in his control is winning football games.

And Manuel demonstrated on Saturday night that he's well-equipped to do that this season.




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