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Play of the Game: Revisiting Tank Carradine's Sack, Christian Jones' TD


The play of the game on Saturday night came on an untimed down on the last play of the third quarter.

To fully set the stage you have to go back a play, to the Bulls original 3rd down play. BJ Daniels took off on 3rd-and-2 and went 20 yards for a first down that was called back on a hold. On that play though, BJ Daniels took a shot to the head and went out of the game.

Now, whether or not Daniels was concussed and should have returned is debatable, but on the following play his backup Matt Floyd got absolutely decimated, fumbled the football and gave up a touchdown on the return. Whether or not he was supposed to go back in before that play, he was definitely going back in afterwards.

Here's the rub, Florida State didn't even realize Daniels was missing.

"I noticed right on the play, I looked back there and I think it was 11," said LB Christian Jones when asked when he saw Daniels left the game. "I was like 'oh [snap].'"

Carradine, for his part, didn't even know he caused a fumble much less that his teammate scored on it, he just knew that he cracked the quarterback his hardest.

"The tackle wanted to block me, but instead he went right on down and I saw the quarterback right away," said Carradine. "I just hit him hard, when the ball went out his hands as I raised my head, I didn't know what was going on."

"I didn't even know that our team had scored."

All evening USF attacked Carradine, he joked after the game the Bulls must have thought he was the weak link. On the play in question, he ended that line of thinking violently.

"Pretty much we were in our base package and I was the spy, I told Bjoern and all them to crash in because I knew the quarterback was right-handed so I knew he was going to roll out to the right side," said Jones, who later admitted he made the call before he realized it wasn't Daniels. "I just stabbed in and came outside and I just saw Tank coming, it was funny because the ball just bounced up into my hands so I just ran it in after that."

That play made all the difference, it put the Seminoles up 20, shifted momentum for good and got the Seminole-heavy crowd back into the game. Florida State's defense gave up just over 20 yards in the 2nd and 3rd quarter combined, capped by the defensive touchdown on the Carradine sack.

All things considered, that play probably made all the difference last night.

“It was huge for our momentum because you know our defense came back with a fumble, then a touchdown," said Lonnie Pryor. "That was huge for us, not just for defense but for offense, too.”

“It feels good. It wasn’t pretty, there were some ups and downs, but a win’s a win. That’s how we look at it. They came out here and played a tough game.  It’s our first road game and it wasn’t going to be easy.”

Keep checking back for more Seminoles coverage from the 30-17 win over USF.




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