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October 02, 2012

After Daniels, Boyd, Mike Glennon a Welcome Change


For the past two weekends Florida State's defensive ends have had to worry as much about contain as they have about actually getting to the quarterback on the pass rush. Clemson's Tajh Boyd and USF's BJ Daniels were both very fast, very elusive quarterbacks who could make broken plays into big ones with their legs if the front seven didn't maintain their responsibilities.

Mike Glennon is not that kind of quarterback. Glennon and his offense run a more traditional look, he's a pocket a passer and at 6-6, mobility is not his strong suit.

After two weeks of trying to make sure a quick quarterback couldn't break contain and extend the play, Florida State's defensive line is looking forward to pinning their ears back and getting after a pocket passer. That should free up the rest of the defense.

"It's going to be fun," said Lamarcus Joyner. "You get to test more of your manhood and phsyicality now, whereas being [it was] more of a mental game against [the last couple] offenses. Playing a traditional offense it's may the best man win, just be in position to make plays."

The past two games the team has had to try and use spies, and have asked their ends to do more than just rush the passer. Bjoern Werner wasn't turned loose much at all in the first half agaisnt USF for instance, while in both of the previous games everyone along the line has had to temper their aggression to avoid overpursing and giving the more mobile Boyd and Daniels chances to make big plays.

Against NC State though, Florida State will finally get to unleash it's line against a quarterback who's far less likely to take off running. That in turn frees up the linebackers to go make more plays and spend more time in coverage. 

"In a way I think it makes the D-line's job easier," said LB Christian Jones. "They don't have to worry too much about keeping contain or getting out of their pass lanes, they can just feel free to rush. It will be a lot easier for those guys to make more plays.

"It definitely helps us [at LB and in the secondary] too, because we know he's not going to take off and run so it helps us stay on our coverage longer."

While the Seminoles are quick to praise the ability of Glennon and his receivers, they're also just as quick to admit it will be nice to face a traditional offense for once too. They have to worry less about blitzing and creative ways to pressure while still containing and can just 'play football,' as Lamarcus Joyner puts it.

"I get to play a little bit more free, get to do a few more things, freestyle a little bit more," said Joyner. "That's the only thing that really changes [for me], instead of being more eye disciplined and worrying about helping this guy out more on this side or helping the linebacker on this receiver I can be roaming the field, playing the way I like to play."



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