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Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe Goes After FSU Coach on Twitter


In what is easily the oddest piece of news today, Duke head coach David Cutcliffe launched into a brief twitter tirade aimed at Florida State strength and conditioning coach Vic Viloria.

This was kind of a peripheral story last night, apparently Cutcliffe was miffed by something at the end of Duke's 48-7 loss to FSU and reportedly refused to shake the hands of a couple of coaches. He didn't issue a comment after the game though and was fairly professional in handling the defeat.

Until today that is. Earlier on Twitter Cutcliffe sniped at Viloria a little bit...

Cutcliffe enjoys a very good reputation in most football circles as an amicable guy and a QB guru. He's got a good NFL pedigree, he's churned out some good pros, heck, he's the guy who Peyton Manning worked with this past offseason as he made his comeback.

I even commented last Sunday as I listened to his teleconference that he was a much different breed than a lot of coaches. He takes accountability for his mistakes, he gives thoughtful answers and apparently he doesn't pull punches.

Make what you want of those tweets, but it comes off as petty and unprofessional in the wake of a blowout loss. Viloria is quite animated on sideline, I'm sure seeing him jump around on field for three hours while your team gets beat can wear on you after a while. But it doesn't look good when your takeaway from a 48-7 beatdown is that the opposing team's strength coach was a clown.

There may be more to this story, I'm sure someone will follow up with coaches on both sides. But for now it's just a bizarre pair of insults that comes off looking extremely petty.


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Vic Viloria's unbridled enthusiasm on the side line is an inspiration to the FSU fans and I'm sure the players, as well. A strength and conditioning coach who is obviously well-conditioned demonstrates his passion for the program for all to witness. Doesn't matter what the Duke coach thinks. Perhaps Viloria distracted his attention from the poor play of his team.

Joanne C.

I'm so glad you posted this as I thought I was the only one who noticed him refusing to shake hands. I have actually noticed a few teams' strength & conditioning coaches who jump around during the games to promote excitement.


If you DVR'ed the game, as they show the coaches shaking hands, Cutcliffe definitely looks upset and seems to have some words for Dameyune Craig when Craig comes up to shake Cutcliffe's hand after Jimbo.

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