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FSU's Fisher Reacts to BCS Ranking, Laments Dependency on Computers


Before anyone jumps the gun and starts labeling Jimbo Fisher a Luddite, he was kidding today when he more or less compared the BCS computer polls to Skynet. But it was a surprisingly candid moment from the Florida State head coach when he was asked about his team's ranking in the BCS, particularly how he felt about the computers determining so much of the season.

Fisher started with the partyline. 

"The [BCS rankings] are what they are, we've just got to play our schedule," said Fisher. "We've still got a lot of ball left this season. A lot of ball."

Fisher, and quarterback EJ Manuel both professed to have little knowledge of the rankings. Manuel claimed to have not seen them at all and even asked reporters where FSU was in the first batch of rankings. Fisher meanwhile said he got a print-out but didn't bother to look it over much.

Respectfully, I'm calling mularkey on both counts. Fisher and Manuel are far too competitive to not even check where their team ended up in the first batch of rankings. They may not care, they may not want us to think they care, but they knew.

Fisher actually opened up a little when pushed about the computer rankings though.

Florida State's strength of schedule is like a pair of concrete sneakers and the BCS Computer polls are like the Hudson river right now. Both Florida State and Clemson, the lone ACC schools even in the vicinity of national relevance, are both ranked an average of 29th by the computers. Florida State can hope to improve its SOS with some late season games against UF and potentially in the ACC championship game, but they can only do so much.

So I followed up and asked Fisher how he feels about computers having so much say over the rankings.

"It's just scary the way the world's going sometimes, we're taking the human element out of things," said Fisher. "Not just in [football] I mean in general. We've become so dependent on computers and everything else, I thought people made computers.

"The way our world is going, I always say that about social media, all the things that go on, I mean that's all great and it has its place too for the development of everything that's gone on. I mean I'm not trying to go back on technology but I think still there's got to be a human element in some things. And I'm not just talking about computer polls, I'm talking about life."

Then Fisher joked the way things are headed soon we might all be obsolete as people.

While Jimbo was clearly kidding about how much of a role technology plays, hewas hitting on a point that many coaches have made, computers cannot take into account intangible things that exist outside the context of a stat sheet.

It's a long season, Florida State can only control what it can control, but Jimbo Fisher also made it clear today he doesn't expect the BCS' computers to do the Seminoles many favors.


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Jimbo Fisher has said that he wanted to soften the out of conference schedule . Looks like this philosophy is hurting us. Its heartbreaking to waste the caliber of talent we have on defense by not giving them a chance to play against the Alabama's, LSU's, Norte Dame's, USC's, Oklahoma's, etc. Hopefully Jimbo Fisher learns from this tragedy and changes his philosophy in this regard.


people have short memories - the reason the computers were brought in was because of complaints about bias in the human voters, and there was a need for pure objectivity that takes into account data like strength of schedule among other things
for example - BYU winning the national championship in 1984 or whenever that was without playing anyone

also, that picture of Jimbo Fisher looks kinda ghey


Now that's funny!

@rc - NTTIAWWT ---- the best post so far today!


It is a weird picture. At the very least we need to win the ACC and play in the OB, anything less would be a total failure. We need to win out and get some big time help to be in the NC picture, the OB is more likely right now.


It's Jimbos fault for scheduling such soft non-conference games. FSU was built on playing whoever and wherever. It does no good to schedule Savannah State. Your players get a false sense of how good they are and you suffer the effects in the polls!

This guy

Except FSU didn't schedule Savannah State, FSU scheduled West Virginia. FSU scheduled one cupcake game, the ACC forced the rest on them.

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