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Going Polling: FSU 10th in Coaches', Harris Poll, 11th in AP


The polls are all out, with the exception of the BCS, and Florida State's standing in them remains about the same, the Seminoles continue to sit on the fringe of the top 10.

The coaches poll left the Seminoles alone, Oregon State jumped FSU while South Carolina dropped behind them and they hung tight at 10. In the AP, Florida State moved up a spot from 12th to 11th. Meanwhile, the Harris poll dropped the 'Noles two spots from 8 to 10 with Oklahoma, Oregon State and USC all jumping over FSU.

We'll have a better idea of what things look like when the BCS comes out later today, but given the Seminoles' strength of schedule and some of the other teams that have been rising up the polls, odds are Florida State ends up about where they were last week, around 14.

All three polls featured the same top five, Alabama, Oregon, Florida, Kansas State and Notre Dame. Currently the only other ACC program in the polls is Clemson (14/13/13), Duke and NC State received votes but not enough to crack the top 25 in any poll.

I'll be back later tonight with the BCS rankings as well as the weekly "Thoughts From the Morning After..." column, though admittedly it will be more like "Thoughts From the Evening After..." by the time it goes up.

Keep checking back.





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