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More on FSU's Chris Thompson [Extras's From Monday]


Just following up on the print piece that ran this morning on Chris Thompson's continued presence on the Florida State sideline, even despite his injury. Unfortunately space limitations prevent me from using everything in the column, so here's a little addition information. 

I think the quote that sums it up best is this one by James Wilder Jr.

"I know it’s hard for him, it’s hard for any guy who loves the sport like he does. I can tell it’s hard for him to sit out there like that not being able to play when he knows he could be out there helping the team. That’s the kind of guy he is. He’s not hurting because he wants to go out there and make stats he’s hurting because he can’t go out there and help the team. That’s what type of guy Chris Thompson is, I mean he’s still going out there we have some injured people that don’t even come... But he’s coming out to practice, coming out on the sideline coaching us up."

Thompson likely needs his teammates as much right now as they need him. Devonta Freeman and Wilder, both sophomores, rely heavily on Thompson for leadership and support. Both have had issues, either with injuries or off the field, where they've been able to turn to Thompson when they needed someone.

To hear them talk about it, they're all like brothers. Which is why it hurt them so much to see him get injured so severely after coming back from something like two broken vertebrae just a year ago. Especially when he was having such an impressive season.

"He’s like another coach, he’s like a coach that been through it lately, been in our position so he knows what it takes and he knows what you have to do to be successful, he was on his way to 1,000 yards and he’s obviously been successful," said Wilder.

But both backs are also painfully aware of the toll this is taking on Thompson.

“I can tell he’s hurting because I know Chris, I’ve seen him happy a lot of times. Like 99% of the times he’s happy, but it was just something today I seen him, like his eyes were getting watery and I could tell he’s just hurting inside. Becuase right now he’s in the position where he doesn’t know where his career’s going to go from now. But I know God’s got a plan for him and he’s going to make it.”

It's a bye week, so things are going to be a little slower than usual, but there should still be plenty to hold you over until next Thursday. Keep checking back...




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