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October 18, 2012

Seminoles Hoping to Avoid Another Slip-Up


Florida State's players know what they lost in Raleigh a couple weeks ago and they also know heading forward that their margin for error is razor thin.

Aside from the regular season finale when Florida comes to call, the Seminoles play conference opponents in every other game from here on out. With NC State technically in control of their own destiny, the Seminoles must wait for the Wolfpack to lose and win out themselves to capture their division in the ACC.

"The biggest thing is just settling down and playing Florida State football," said DT Tim Jernigan. "It's things like just lining up right, you know the simple stuff, none of it's the big part which is like effort and stuff, we’re good with effort. Effort is not the case with this team.”

Heading into Miami the Seminoles are well aware that every team moving forward really will give them their best shot. And truth be told Jimbo Fisher's teams have never been flat against rivals. But Florida State cannot afford another slip-up either.

Everyone on the team says that won't happen too, but unfortunately that's a story that Florida State fans have heard a lot lately.

Toshmon Stevens for one has an interesting take. I've said before I think he has coaching in his future, and his ability to talk up a loss is just another reason. Pointing to the fact 'it's a process,' Stevens thinks the loss to NC State was a necessary catalyst to get this team to reach its potential.

“We were in a place where we just knew were weren’t going to be beat and we took teams for granted," admitted Stevens. "The first team we took for granted was USF, and look how that turned out. We were able to finish it off because we executed in the end but that could have been bad, that could have been a loss there. The NC State game we actually did lose it because we weren’t focused.

"And we came together, we were sad for a while and then we started thinking, ‘why’d we lose this game?’ We started out thinking it’s not because we’re not athletic and we can’t do our jobs it’s because we weren’t focused. We weren’t as hungry as were in the outset of the season...

“These things happen but I really think that loss helped us.”

I followed up a little and asked Stevens if he was saying that Florida State wouldn't have reached its potential without dropping a game like this?

“I really do feel that way," said Stevens. "Because say we would have won that game, the next week against Boston College we probably would have beaten them the same way, who knows, but we wouldn’t have had that hungriness that we need to have to play the rest of the season. So there would have been another team that would have done us the same way.”

Whether or not Seminoles fans want to hear that, time will tell if it's true. If Florida State comes out and wins handily the rest of the way, there might be some veracity to it though. That is a fair critique of Jimbo Fisher's teams so far, staying grounded and not overlooking lesser opponents on the schedule has been an issue several times.

Whether or not this was the loss that finally got the lesson to stick remains to be seen.

Regardless, Florida State knows it's going to get Miami's best shot on Saturday and everyone else's best show from here on out. 

“It’s a big rivalry game and of course we want this one, we deserve it," said Jernigan. "The key thing is just focusing, not trying to do more than you can do, not trying to be Superman just do your job and making plays in the scheme so that’s what we’ve been focusing on.”

One big thing that's changed, FSU seems angrier this time. Not wreckless, but definitely looking to pay forward their frustration and disappointment. Whether they hang on to that feeling is another story, but for now the team is motivated.

"From now on, I don't care if we're winning by 1,000 we're going to keep hitting them in the mouth, I don't care who is in front of us," said Jernigan. "NC State kind of woke up a monster, so everybody else they just have to deal with it."

Florida State Injury List: Week Eight


Nothing too new this week on the injury report. Redshirt junior wide receiver Josh Gehres finds his way onto the injury list with a bad hamstring, but aside from that there are no changes heading into the game against the Miami Hurricanes at Sun Life Stadium this weekend.

Out at Miami

DL Moses McCray (head)

DL Derrick Mitchell (back)

OL Garrett Faircloth (hip)

S Justin Bright (head)

LB Ukeme Eligwe (hand)

OL Trey Pettis (head)

WR Josh Gehres (hamstring)



TE Dan Hicks (knee)

DE Brandon Jenkins (Lisfranc)

RB Mario Pender (sports hernia)

DB Colin Blake (shoulder)

DE Chris Casher (knee)

DT Jacobbi McDaniel (ankle)

OL Dan Foose (back)

October 17, 2012

Florida State's Rhodes Took Unusual Path to Corner


Coming out of Miami Norland high school Xavier Rhodes was billed as a top-notch athlete. Rhodes was a jack of all trades his senior year, playing opposite Hurricane phenom Duke Johnson in the backfield, splitting out wide and even playing some corner.

For Rhodes as a high school senior, the hype was high and the comparisons to another local product, Dwayne Bowe, were common.

"Oh they just compared us a lot in high school, oh I hated that. Everything was Dwayne Bowe. 'Oh, Xavier you play just like Dwayne Bowe,'" recalled, Rhodes. "No I do not, I play like Xavier Rhodes."

That comparison ended quickly when Rhodes got to Florida State though. Jimbo Fisher, who coached Bowe at LSU, quickly flipped Rhodes to corner when he got to Florida State.

"He wanted to be a wide receiver," said Fisher. "[It lasted] a year, I talked him into going over [to defense] and he was mad at me.

"We laugh about it now, I say, 'I told you,' but I thought he had a great future there."

Rhodes, now a redshirt junior, has developed into one of the Seminoles' most reliable defenders. The 6-2 220-pound corner has the kind of size and athleticism that NFL teams love, but the transition didn't always seem like it was going to be so smooth.

"It took about six months, no it didnt take that long but it a while," said Rhodes. "I remember at first when they asked me to play corner I didn't want to accept the role. I didn't want to go do it I was like, 'I don't want to play, I don't want to learn [anything] about it, I want to play receiver.'

"But as I sat down and started talking to the team I said 'ok, I'll give it a chance.' I started to learn the techniques of it and I grew it to love it. And when I grew to love it I wanted to get better and I grew from there."

It wasn't immediate, but gradually over the course of the last two season Rhodes has emerged as a consistent presence on the back-end of the Florida State defense.

"A lot of people say they don't hear much about him," said Fisher. "But that's a good thing, that means he's not giving up plays."

Rhodes has come a long ways since he made the switch, but he credits Terrell Buckley with helping him make the mental adjustments and former Seminoles receiver Bert Reed for really lighting the spark under him.

"I remember the day it was," said Rhodes. "Bert Reed was killing me this practice, and no he wasn't quiet about it. And me being a competitor I just kept going against him like, 'Bert I'm going to get you.' And the last time Bert says, 'man I need a real corner.' So when he said that it hit me in my heart, so I took that real seriously. 

"When we lined up I jammed the crap out of Bert, he didn't even get an inch off the line."

Nowadays Rhodes is the kind of big-bodied, athletic corner that could make it into the first round of the draft. When Greg Reid went down earlier this year Rhodes stepped up to help fill the leadership void. He's not a loud guy, but when he speaks, teammates listen. 

On Saturday at Miami Rhodes will face his former backfield mate, this time on the other side of the ball.

“Man he was good as a freshman in high school, real good as a freshman in high school,” remember Rhodes.

“Oh, I’m not surprised [at his success]. But he [was] talking trash to our high school coach, he called me and told me he was telling him like, ‘I’m gonna do Xav,’ so I was like ‘yep, well now I’m gonna have to [show] him.’"

Florida State Men's Basketball Opens up 24th in the Coaches' Poll


Florida State's basketball team will open the 2012-13 season ranked 24th in the coaches' poll after finishing last season ranked 12th (10th in the AP). 

The defending ACC champions return pre-season All-American Michael Snaer as well as stand-outs Ian Miller and Okaro White, Terrance Shannon also returns from injury. While they're losing a talented class of seniors from last year, they have a talented group of incoming freshmen and their national profile continues to rise.

On Saturday, top-25 national prospect Xavier Rathan-Mayes commited for next year and Florida State is also considered a front-runner for the top junior in the country, Andrew Wiggins.

As for the 2012-13 season, Florida State kicks off at the end of October with its first of two exhibition games, and then plays in the Coaches vs Cancer tourney in early November. 

Tonight I'll have three or four football updates, check back later...

October 16, 2012

Halfway Through Season, FSU Offensive Line Coming Off Their Strongest Game


Florida State's 51-7 win over Boston College featured the Seminoles' best performance along the offensive line in all of 2012. The five Seminole starting linemen– Cam Erving, Josue Matias, Bryan Stork, Tre' Jackson and Menelik Watson– received their highest grades of the season.

“I like it, I’m really happy for the guys because like you know, I’m making my grades but to see the guys catching up, that’s a wonderful thing," said redshirt junior center Bryan Stork. "And if we’re all together getting the same grades, we’re going to be competing every week for the lineman of the week.”

Stork is the team's most experienced lineman, the de facto leader of the unit. He was expected to play at a high level this year, even surrounded by inexperience. So far he's been solid, and now after some rough spots, the guys around him are beginning to keep pace.

“I’d say everybody, everybody in general [has improved]," said Stork. "It’s kind of even, Josue, Tre’, Menelik and definitely Cam Erving, he got his best grade yet. So I’m happy for him.”

Against BC, Florida State had its best passing numbers of the season, indicative of improved performance in pass protection, an area that has plagued the Seminoles this season. 

“The two flanks held up [against BC]," said Jimbo Fisher on Monday. "Cameron played a really good game and Menelik being back in there makes a difference as far as the power and size he brings.”

But the Seminoles improvements along the O-line are not just the result of having Menelik Watson back in the game. As Fisher said, it helps, but that's not the only answer.

“I can see from outside people thinking that," said Stork. "But there’s more to it than just one thing. See everybody just believes if there’s a problem, it’s one problem, it’s one thing. A problem has multiple [sources], you know what I mean?”

In football, especially when it comes to blocking schemes, Occam's razor doesn't apply. That is, the simplest explanation is oftentimes not the correct one.

For instance last weekend against NC State, EJ Manuel took four sacks but really only one was attributable to the offensive line. The others were the result of poor blitz pick-up by the tight ends and backs. At first blush, it's easy to blame the guys up front, but that's not always the story.

Oftentimes fans wonder why one tight end isn't in the game as much as another or why James Wilder for instance didn't get as many touches against NC State last weekend, the answer comes from what those players can do when the ball is not in their hands.

Pass protection, blitz pick-up, all of the little things that go into making players well rounded take time to develop, and they make a world of difference in how much a coach can trust a player on the field. As much as Chris Thompson had the hot hand against NC State, the Wolfpack also blitzed throughout the second half and the 'Noles senior back is one of the their best in pass protection.

"It's experience," said Jimbo Fisher. "The more you're in there, the better. When you're smart like that you can anticipate issues coming, it makes a big difference."

The line is asked to do a lot, but the backs and tight ends also have to chip in (bad pun). Case in point go back to the BC game and right in the first quarter you see EJ Manuel connect on a 42-yard pass to Scooter Haggins.

If you take your eye off the ball during the play you see the line blocks well but just by virtue of the scheme, a free man comes off the edge. 

On that play Chris Thompson sticks his helmet right on the pass-rusher and clears him out of the play. It gives EJ Manuel the extra second to step up and complete the pass. It makes all the difference.

But there's the rub for the O-line, a lot of fans would see a sack in that situation as their fault. The blame for a guy coming off the edge and hitting the quarterback oftentimes lands at the feet of the offensive tackle on that respective side, even if scheme dictates that wasn't his man or responsibility.

Which is why as Bryan Stork said, it's never just one thing when there are breakdowns in blocking. 

But it's also not overly complicated either.

“When we all did our technique [against BC], the guy we had to block didn’t make the play," said Stork. "It’s as simple as that.”

Basically, it comes down to that worn out old concept of executing.

Against BC the line executed their technique the best they have all season and received their best grades yet. Now they're looking to take that momentum with them down to Miami.

Said Stork:

"It's Hurricane season, man."

The Early Read: Mario Edwards Jr. Coming on Strong Down the Stretch


Last spring the Earth shook for a moment in Tallahassee when the number one recruit in the country announced on the morning of national signing day that he would be a Florida State Seminole. Mario's father had played at FSU in the 1990's as a defensive back, and now the 18 year-old defensive end would be following in his footsteps.

Then earlier this year came the news he would redshirt.

Behind a trio of Brandon Jenkins, Bjoern Werner and Tank Carradine, and with Giorgio Newberry and Toshmon Stevens sandwiched between Edwards Jr. and fellow freshman Chris Casher, there was little reason to waste a year of eligiblity for either of the two. 

Funny what can change over a season.

With Brandon Jenkins' injury, the redshirt quickly came off for both Edwards and Casher. Casher was lost for the season a couple weeks later. And now Edwards has begun to play himself into the rotation at End.

"He's ready, he's playing very well, his weight's down. He's been playing much better in practice, more physical in the run," said Jimbo Fisher yesterday morning. "We've got to keep getting those reps up."

"He's starting to get in that rotation and we've got to keep that rotation going because as [the year goes on] and you start those guys the bodies break down. And he's really starting to emerge out, do some very nice things in practice."

Edwards saw increased reps in Saturday's win over BC and played well.

"Sometimes those young guys need to understand draws," joked Jimbo Fisher. "They all want to get up the field, but you've got to read it."

"But he played solid, did a nice job."

Edwards will become more savvy with experience, but once again playing into the age old coach's adage that it's a long year, where some fans were beginning to fear Edwards could transfer out of FSU for lack of early playing time at the outset of the season, at the midway point he's beginning to break out and have an impact for the Seminoles. 

Freshmen like Edwards and DT Eddie Goldman seem to be getting acclimated and are coming on down the stretch. That's a good sign for an already deep unit and should give Florida State plenty of confidence, even as they are likely to lose both starting ends after the season.

Check back later today, I'm going to have lots more coming on the blog as I finish player interviews. Besides it's Miami week, where else would you go for coverage of the 'Noles and 'Canes?

October 15, 2012

FSU's Fisher Reacts to BCS Ranking, Laments Dependency on Computers


Before anyone jumps the gun and starts labeling Jimbo Fisher a Luddite, he was kidding today when he more or less compared the BCS computer polls to Skynet. But it was a surprisingly candid moment from the Florida State head coach when he was asked about his team's ranking in the BCS, particularly how he felt about the computers determining so much of the season.

Fisher started with the partyline. 

"The [BCS rankings] are what they are, we've just got to play our schedule," said Fisher. "We've still got a lot of ball left this season. A lot of ball."

Fisher, and quarterback EJ Manuel both professed to have little knowledge of the rankings. Manuel claimed to have not seen them at all and even asked reporters where FSU was in the first batch of rankings. Fisher meanwhile said he got a print-out but didn't bother to look it over much.

Respectfully, I'm calling mularkey on both counts. Fisher and Manuel are far too competitive to not even check where their team ended up in the first batch of rankings. They may not care, they may not want us to think they care, but they knew.

Fisher actually opened up a little when pushed about the computer rankings though.

Florida State's strength of schedule is like a pair of concrete sneakers and the BCS Computer polls are like the Hudson river right now. Both Florida State and Clemson, the lone ACC schools even in the vicinity of national relevance, are both ranked an average of 29th by the computers. Florida State can hope to improve its SOS with some late season games against UF and potentially in the ACC championship game, but they can only do so much.

So I followed up and asked Fisher how he feels about computers having so much say over the rankings.

"It's just scary the way the world's going sometimes, we're taking the human element out of things," said Fisher. "Not just in [football] I mean in general. We've become so dependent on computers and everything else, I thought people made computers.

"The way our world is going, I always say that about social media, all the things that go on, I mean that's all great and it has its place too for the development of everything that's gone on. I mean I'm not trying to go back on technology but I think still there's got to be a human element in some things. And I'm not just talking about computer polls, I'm talking about life."

Then Fisher joked the way things are headed soon we might all be obsolete as people.

While Jimbo was clearly kidding about how much of a role technology plays, hewas hitting on a point that many coaches have made, computers cannot take into account intangible things that exist outside the context of a stat sheet.

It's a long season, Florida State can only control what it can control, but Jimbo Fisher also made it clear today he doesn't expect the BCS' computers to do the Seminoles many favors.

The Early Read: Florida State 14th in BCS, Miami Week Begins


Last night the BCS rankings came out for the first time all season and Florida State was back at 14th. Some Florida State fans are surprised but the Seminoles are penalized by the computer polls which ranked Florida State an average of 29th. 

As I wrote yesterday, the Coaches' poll has FSU as 10 and the AP has them at 12. The AP is meaningless though, it doesn't factor into the BCS, the other poll of note is the Harris which has FSU 8th. Instead the computers have Florida State (and Clemson) weighed down by virtue of their lack of strong schedule. The ACC hurts both and FSU's first two games do them very few favors either.

It's not really a big deal because a lot of teams will moves and things will change between now and the end of the year. But it does reinforce just how hard it would be for a one-loss Florida State team to get into the conversation at the very top. Florida State would need Clemson to keep winning, UF to keep winning and whoever they would play in the ACC title game to have a very good record. 

Then again Virginia Tech could lose to both Clemson and Florida State and still have a decent chance to win the Coastal division at 7-5 provided they beat Miami this year.

So bottom line, it's early, but Seminoles fans shouldn't get their hopes up about the computers being a whole lot more generous.

But, that's also a segue into one of the most passionate weeks in Tallahasse, Miami week. There's little love between the Seminoles and 'Canes. While a lot of people in the FSU fanbase will tell you that Florida is the bigger rival (and I tend to agree), that doesn't diminish this rivalry one bit. FSU-Miami over the years has been one of the biggest rivalries in college football.

Recently it's fallen on hard times, FSU has been through a rebuilding and Miami has had a rough streak as well. But with both programs seemingly trending upward it seems as though the great games of old may be on their way back.

Today, we'll hear from Jimbo Fisher about the Seminoles' initial BCS ranking and also for the first time about Miami. So far Fisher is unbeaten by rivals, going a perfect 4-0 in-state. On the Miami side, they'll need to make a determination on Stephen Morris who hurt an ankle in the loss to UNC last weekend. 

So there's plenty to pay attention to in what should be an extremely exciting week.

I'll be posting a lot this week, so keep checking back for regular updates from FSU-Miami week...

October 14, 2012

Florida State Moves Up to 10th in Coaches Poll, Stays 12th in AP Poll


It wasn't a big jump, but Florida State moved up a spot and is back in the top ten in the Coaches poll. FSU got back on track last night after being upset in Raleigh by NC State 8 days ago. A 51-7 demolition of Boston College, coupled with a loss by West Virginia was enough to pop the 'Noles back up to 10th.

West Virginia fell from 4th to 15th after losing big to Texas Tech. South Carolina also lost ahead of Florida State but only dropped to 8th, down five spots from 3rd.

The only other ranked ACC school is Clemson, currently at 13th. 

The top five currently consists of Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State, Florida and Notre Dame. 

Meanwhile in the AP poll the Seminoles remained at 12 while Oklahoma jumped them. The Sooners beat Texas this weekend, and their lone loss to Kansas State continues to look better and better. The Wildcats of K-State are 4th in the AP and 3rd in the coaches.

The Associated Press top five is Alabama, Oregon, Florida, Kansas State and Notre Dame. Clemson is the only other ranked ACC team in the AP as well, currently residing at 14, up to spots from the week before. Beyond that no ACC team even received votes.

I'll be back tonight when they release the first BCS rankings of the year.

Thoughts From the Morning After: FSU 51 BC 7


It's amazing how much a week can change. 8 days after a tough loss in Raleigh, things don't seem quite as bleak across Seminole nation. Fans have inched back away from the ledge a little.

Last night Florida State did exactly what they needed to in order to get their season back moving in the right direction. They didn't fix all of their problems, but they did put their best foot forward and remind people around the country what their high-end potential looks like on the way to a 51-7 win over Boston College.

BC on the other hand did themselves few favors this week.

I alluded last night to comments made by Boston College in the lead-up to the game. I doubt that was a motivating factor for the Seminoles, it's not like they needed more, but the Seminoles certainly had plenty of fun with it after the game.

“I think their mindset is, OK, we were these big-time recruits, they’re much more talented than us, we don’t belong on the field with them,” said BC linebacker Nick Clancy. “They think that we’re much less talented. But when it comes down to it, we’re just different type of people. 

"We’re blue-collar people. We have a very strong work ethic. We know when adversity’s thrown in our face what to do and how to respond. And I think that’s what separates us.” 

Vince Williams, always one of the best quotes on the Florida State team, didn't really mince words.

"Oh we read [the quotes]," said Vince Williams afterwards. "I think we've got some pretty blue collar guys on our team too.

"We didn't [hang it up in] the locker-room, but that was the most impressive three plays I've ever seen coach Jimbo call. I'll just say that."

The second part was an allusion to another BC remark about how Florida State's offense only runs three different plays.

Before getting on to thoughts from the morning after about FSU, what was Boston College doing? For starters, everything Clancy said looks absolutely foolish right now after the Eagles didn't look like they belonged on the field with the Seminoles. But also why would you badger a team like FSU in a week like this?

BC's best hope was to catch a flat FSU team looking to next week's Miami game. Instead they ran into a group that was pretty focused.

Here are some thoughts from the morning after.

-First off, major credit to FSU kicker Dustin Hopkins. Last night he broke Nick Novak's ACC record for all-time scoring and is now the Florida State all-time leader with 402 points (and counting). Hopkins has been up and down this year, but seems to be back on track.

"He's really now the last couple weeks starting to kick the ball," said Jimbo Fisher. "He changed his routine, he went back to the old way he was kicking, got back to it. The thud of the ball the last two weeks have been totally different."

After missing several field goals earlier in the season Hopkins went back to basics and is now kicking well again. Florida State's going to need that to continue down the stretch too. Hopkins passed the record on a field goal in the second quarter from 51 yards, which is incidentally about the length Jimbo Fisher punted from last weekend in Raleigh rather than let Hopkins try to put FSU up 19-10. Obviously both situations were very different, but it is worth pointing out.

-Christian Jones lead the way with 8 tackles, but if you're looking for a player to watch down the line you don't need to go much further down the stat sheet to find him. True freshman Reggie Northrup was second with six last night. Northrup is a reserve, but he's been making the most of his reps and he's got the other players talking.

"I thought Reggie did a tremendous job," said Vince Williams last night. "He's a young guy, doesn't get that many opportunities, we always make fun of him because, you know, guys like me I haven't really had a young linebacker to take under my wing in a minute. So just having him out there and seeing him explode and make some plays was just fun to watch."

-Kenny Shaw only had two catches, but both were huge for Florida State. Shaw finished with 125 yards and a score on just two receptions, his 77-yarder on the Seminoles opening drive was one of the biggest plays of the game though. After the big goal-line stand and a fortitutous third down bounce that helped Florida State get out of the shadow of its own goal-posts, Shaw stepped up on a third down play to catch a ball in stride and then beat the BC defense in a foot race.

“We knew they were going to roll a cover two on our side," said Shaw. "So we ran a double post to get the safeties out of there. Luckily I came open off the receivers and got scotch free.”

After the defense had just stood tall on their first drive, Shaw's big play was a potent reminder of just how good this Florida State team can be. It brought the crowd roaring to life and helped sustain the momentum that the goal-line stand had established. Offensively, that's probably the play of the game.

-I mentioned in yesterday's Wrap-up that Chase Rettig made several throws that used to be no-no's because he leads his receiver right into a big hit. But nowadays, those hits are typically flagged so more and more QB's have less and less reservation about where they lead their receivers. Another one of the new wrinkles that comes from many of the rules changes was demonstrated by Rettig's backup last night on a run late in the 4th quarter.

Josh Bordner saw a collision with safety Karlos Williams approaching on a run play, stuttered a second and then went head to head with Williams. The tiny pause, given the rush to protect players (especially QB's) gives the defender a mind to pull up. If he hits a quarterback who is giving himself up, as the stutter-step hints at, it's 15 yards. So then when Bordner takes the contact to Williams, it surprises Williams a bit and Bordner gets up and jumps around like he just brought the lumber. That is the original Tebowing. UF's QB was a master of getting defenders to pull up thinking he was going to slide and then trucking them. There's really no way around it, but I see that play more and more lately.

-A huge cheer swept across Doak last night when the scoreboard temporarily showed a Miami loss and UF trailing Vanderbilt. It may hurt, but if Seminoles fans have any prayer of a title run, UF is the key. If Florida State wins out, conventional wisdom says a one-loss school from a better conference will jump them. Specifically from the SEC. But FSU has a work-around in the form of a Florida team that could be unbeaten come Thanksgiving.

Seminoles fans need that scenario, they need both teams to win out leading up to their yearly showdown. Here's why, if the Gators are unbeaten, drop their lone game to FSU and then go on to win the SEC, it would be pretty difficult to put a one-loss SEC school above the 'Noles because they beat the one-loss conference champion head-to-head. It's not a likely scenario, it's probably not a fun one for Seminoles fans either. But if FSU is going to have any outside prayer at getting back into the BCS chase, UF holds the key.

-Finally, just to quantify how good the Seminoles have been at home this year. They haven't scored fewer than 49 points yet and four of their five wins have featured over 600 yards of offense. To give context, since 2000, Florida State has gone over 600 just six times, four are this season.

I'll have several updates today, including a few follow-ups, updates on the polls and possibly even a little basketball. Keep checking back.



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