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The Early Read: Florida State 14th in BCS, Miami Week Begins


Last night the BCS rankings came out for the first time all season and Florida State was back at 14th. Some Florida State fans are surprised but the Seminoles are penalized by the computer polls which ranked Florida State an average of 29th. 

As I wrote yesterday, the Coaches' poll has FSU as 10 and the AP has them at 12. The AP is meaningless though, it doesn't factor into the BCS, the other poll of note is the Harris which has FSU 8th. Instead the computers have Florida State (and Clemson) weighed down by virtue of their lack of strong schedule. The ACC hurts both and FSU's first two games do them very few favors either.

It's not really a big deal because a lot of teams will moves and things will change between now and the end of the year. But it does reinforce just how hard it would be for a one-loss Florida State team to get into the conversation at the very top. Florida State would need Clemson to keep winning, UF to keep winning and whoever they would play in the ACC title game to have a very good record. 

Then again Virginia Tech could lose to both Clemson and Florida State and still have a decent chance to win the Coastal division at 7-5 provided they beat Miami this year.

So bottom line, it's early, but Seminoles fans shouldn't get their hopes up about the computers being a whole lot more generous.

But, that's also a segue into one of the most passionate weeks in Tallahasse, Miami week. There's little love between the Seminoles and 'Canes. While a lot of people in the FSU fanbase will tell you that Florida is the bigger rival (and I tend to agree), that doesn't diminish this rivalry one bit. FSU-Miami over the years has been one of the biggest rivalries in college football.

Recently it's fallen on hard times, FSU has been through a rebuilding and Miami has had a rough streak as well. But with both programs seemingly trending upward it seems as though the great games of old may be on their way back.

Today, we'll hear from Jimbo Fisher about the Seminoles' initial BCS ranking and also for the first time about Miami. So far Fisher is unbeaten by rivals, going a perfect 4-0 in-state. On the Miami side, they'll need to make a determination on Stephen Morris who hurt an ankle in the loss to UNC last weekend. 

So there's plenty to pay attention to in what should be an extremely exciting week.

I'll be posting a lot this week, so keep checking back for regular updates from FSU-Miami week...




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