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The Lighter Side of Things: Semi-Streaker Strikes


I've got plenty of analysis coming up for you tonight, but I wanted to start with something that may not have been highlighted on television, but definitely cracked everyone up at the stadium.

In the first quarter some guy, likely innebriated, climbed out of the stands, walked through the FSU sideline and ran right onto the field mid-play.

That lead to one of the most unique officiating conferences I've ever seen where an ACC official had to make the call that "the fan on the field didn't affect the play."

The fan pulled his shirt off around the 20, ran into the endzone and lead security on bit of a chase before getting absolutely decimated by one of the guards. He was arrested and is probably sobering up in a Miami jail somewhere as I'm writing this...

Lonnie Pryor, always a great quote, was more than happy to provide his take on the streaker.

"No, I wasn't out on the field I was sitting there laughing like, 'what is this guy doing?'" said Pryor. "We saw him come in, I was like, I was like... I'm not going to say what I was thinking."

Then he caved and told us.

"There's a crazy white man running out here, you don't know what that guy got, so I'm sitting on the sideline like I better get away, so I was just laughing but he got tackled really hard. I was laughing but I wasn't going out there touching him, I wasn't messing with him."

Definitely one of the funnier things I've seen as a reporter.




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