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Florida State Drops to 13th in BCS Rankings


The Seminoles dropped three spots to 13th in the BCS rankings after losing 37-26 to the no. 4 Florida Gators on Saturday. 

The top five remains unchanged with Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Oregon staying put. Unfortunately one of those three SEC schools doesn't get a BCS bid because there's limit two per conference and Florida is guaranteed to jump the loser of the conference championship game. So essentially, win the SEC championship game and go play Notre Dame for a shot at everything. Or lose and the BCS slams the door in your face.

Kent State could also crash the BCS party if they move up to 16 (they're 17) and stay ahead of an AQ conference champion. The Big East currently has no teams ranked so if Kent State wins its championship game next weekend, it's possible they get a bid.

Also as I left the stadium and I thought about all of Jimbo Fisher's complaints about BCS computers I thought it would be funny if they all got together and voted for Fisher this week (you know, since computers are generally spiteful). Wouldn't you know it? This is the first week all six computers have FSU ranked...

Really, the ranking is irrelevant at this point. If Florida State wins on Saturday they'll go to an Orange Bowl and what has become the black sheep of the BCS family. But win and they're in. If they lose... Well if they lose I could see the fanbase starting to pass out pitchforks and torches.




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