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Florida State Holds Steady at 10 in BCS


The BCS rankings are out and Florida State is held up at 10th despite some movement up in front of them. The Seminoles are stuck largely due to weak strength of schedule, poor conference prestige and the computers.

Florida State was originally going to play West Virginia, but had to settle for Savannah State as an 11th hour replacement when the Big 12 schedule prevented them from making the trip.

The ACC doesn't help strength of schedule either, outside of Clemson who is stuck with much the same issue (but actually fares better with the computers– more on that later), the ACC is awful. Miami is down. Virginia Tech is down. UNC is on probation. The league is so far down Duke is bowl eligible this season.

And that all plays out in the computer rankings where FSU is an average of 18.75, ranked 33rd and 26th by a couple polls and ranked behind Clemson in all six. That kills the Seminoles because it's a third of what goes into the decision so even though both of the voter polls have Florida State at sixth, they're 10th in the BCS rankings.

K-State is first, Oregon second, Notre Dame third. Bama fell to fourth after losing to Texas A&M (who is now 8th). Georgia is fifth and Florida sixth. Three two-loss SEC schools round out the top 10 in front of Florida State, LSU, TAMU and South Carolina finish 7-8-9 as FSU stays static.




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