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Going Polling: Florida State 5th in Coaches Poll, Stay 10th in AP Poll


After a crazy night of college football, the top five should look much different in all three polls today. The AP and Coaches poll both release around noon while the Harris interactive releases at 3.

Last night Kansas State and Oregon both lost and with them, the top two spots in the BCS came open. Notre Dame, who handled Wake Forest, will be number one across the board as the last remaining unbeaten. After that the chaos begins.

The Coaches Poll was first out with Florida State jumping into the top five, up one spot from last week when FSU was 6th. Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia and Oregon were ahead of FSU with Florida in 6th and Clemson 9th.

In the AP poll, things are even whackier, Ohio State is in the top five despite being ineligible for postseason play or to even win their own conference. The AP voters– who have been much harsher on FSU all season– have the 'Noles static at 10. Their top five was Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Oregon. 

All Florida State can control is to win out, they get Florida next Saturday and still have an ACC Championship game to show up for. Right now the Seminoles are back to darkhorse status, but they still need a lot of help to get there.

I'll have the other two polls when they come out...


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U never went there

One play away from the NC game. Thanks, Jimbo, for your lousy play calling against NCSU.
We need an OC!


Still don't think our Noles could handle a Crimson Tide or LSU game. After losing to NC State and struggling vs the Hokies, they just don't have the toughness and depth.

U never went there

They can beat anybody in Tally.
Not so sure they could handle the Tide away from home. They would beat ND, though.


Maybe your right about them not beating the tide but i must disagree with you about LSU and i'm a fan but they would have to rely solely on there run game becuz the tiger pass game would be non exsisting against the FSU pass rush and secondary. They are extremely deep not to mention.
Respectfully @Bahamanole

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