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Going Polling: Florida State Holds at 6 in Harris, Coaches, 10th in AP


Polls are out and the two polls of note have Florida State exactly the same, holding steady at six. Meanwhile in the AP poll the 'Noles dropped two spots to 10th.

I mentioned right after the NC State loss that the Seminoles' ceiling would be about five or six in the BCS and I expect that trend to continue with Florida State hanging around the back half of the top ten of the BCS and all three major polls.

Alabama losing was actually a negative impact on the Seminoles who saw Texas A&M jump them after knocking off the Crimson Tide, while Bama stayed well ahead. The AP top 5 featured Oregon, K-State, Notre Dame, Bama and Georgia.

In the Coaches' poll, Florida State was behind Oregon, K-State, Notre Dame, Georgia and Bama, and a spot ahead of Clemson. The Harris was the same with Georgia and Alabama flipped. 

Clemson is ranked 9th in the Harris and Coaches, 11th in the AP. No other ACC schools are ranked or near ranked or will even remotely help either the Seminoles or the Tigers with the BCS computers. 

I'll be back with a BCS update later tonight...


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Reality Bites

The Human polls are biased. The computer rankings and the BCS have it right. FSU is behind every single one loss SEC team as well as LSU and TAM, as they should be. Beat the Gators ans you will move up some. If not don't complain, after all everyone knows the ACC is very weak, just schedule better OCC teams.


Looks like FSU has a good chance to finish in the top 5 maybe top 3 if they win out? Lots of Football to be played.

If they beat Florida, I think FSU leaps over the two loss teams in the AP and BCS putting them at around #6. Then you have Notre Dame having to play USC on the road. You have Oregon having to Play Oregon State and Stanford. Kansas State still has to play Baylor and Texas. Alabama and Georgia will play each other. Then you have the bowl games.

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