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Okaro White Happy to Be Flying Under the Radar


If you've had a chance to see Florida State at all this year you can't have missed Okaro White. Whether it was sweeping the dunk and three-point contests at Seminole Madness a month ago or just showing up big for the Seminoles' first exhibition agaisnt Lincoln Memorial on Tuesday, White looks like he's ready for big things in 2012-13.

“Hes’ been really consistent this year," said Michael Snaer. "I’m hoping it’s going to be like the junior year I had last year [where he's] just coming into form his junior year. I’m hoping that’s going to be what it is for him because he’s looking really good, he’s been working a lot, he’s going to be a guy who- even though it was an exhibition game- the opponent payed a lot of attention to me and because of that Okaro’s just getting wide open shots.”

White dropped 19 points, including four three-pointers, on Lincoln Memorial last Tuesday. He put in a lot of work this summer, he enters 2012-13 as prepared as he's ever been for a basketball season.

"I’ve probably done more stuff than I did my first two summers combined," said White back in September. "Just realizing the role I’m going to have to have this year that is stepped up, I’m working on everything, outside-in, inside-in, I keep on working on my quickness because I know that’s a strength of mine, going around bigger guys and not being as big or girthy as them I could probably get around them a little faster so I’ve been trying to get my quickness up to the highest potential.”

Those improvements have already been on display this preseason. And as teams enter the regular season preparing to cue on Michael Snaer (the preseason all-American who has received the lion's share of the hype), White is poised to make them pay for their oversight.

“He’s going to be one of those guys this year where if people pay a lot of attention to me he’s just going to kill you," said Snaer. "And people forget Ian Miller is a scorer [too], people forget but you can’t just lock in on one player and that’s going to just make my life that much easier.

“He’s going to be a definite threat man, just wait and see.”

For his part, White likes flying under the radar. He knows his time will come.

“That’s great, I've loved playing the underdog role my whole life," said White. "Mike being so prestiged right now, that really helps me because if teams are going to focus on him, then I can open up my game every game. So you know I’ve been working hard over the summer and by the end of the season everyone’s going to see how good I really am.”




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