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December 20, 2012

Florida State Officially Inks Jeremy Pruitt as Defensive Coordinator, Sal Sunseri to Coach DE's


The worst kept secret in Tallahassee is officially out, Florida State has its next defensive coordinator and have also hired a defensive ends coach to boot. 

Jeremy Pruitt, the former Alabama DB's coach and DC at Hoover High School (famous for its appearance on the show Two-a-Days), will be the next defensive coordinator at Florida State. Per Bob Ferrante, Pruitt is scheduled to make 540,000 dollars annual, just a hair less than what Mark Stoops made to coach the Seminole defense.

“This is a great opportunity for me to join another one of the top college football programs in the country and take over as defensive coordinator for one of the best defenses out there,” Pruitt said through a Florida State press release. “I really appreciate Coach Fisher and his staff in welcoming me to the Seminole family. I’ve enjoyed my time at Alabama and am grateful to Coach Saban and my Crimson Tide family for their support in preparing me as I begin the next chapter in my coaching career.”

Said Jimbo Fisher: “I’m very excited to add Jeremy to our staff. He brings a lot to the table. He’s one of the bright young coaches in college football. He’s done an outstanding job at Alabama and in the past as a great high school coach. He’s also a good recruiter, but most importantly of all, he’s a great person. I’m really looking forward to him coming to Florida State and helping us to continue achieving the success that we’ve had and will continue to have. We’re very fortunate to be adding him to our program.”

Jimbo also joked that he'd made Nick Saban mad, Alabama had attempted to retain Pruitt but he opted to take the promotion and will now run the defense at FSU. Fisher said he's known Pruitt since his time at LSU (when Pruitt coached at Hoover) and that he had been near the top of his shortlist all along.

The Seminoles also added DE Coach Sal Sunseri, formerly of Alabama and Tennessee. Sunseri comes in with a very good pedigree, having coached a number of NFL players in his career, and may also help to coach the special teams unit.

Sunseri will make 199,000 annually (once again, per Bob Ferrante). He has been at practice all week but it took his paperwork processing before the Seminoles could make an announcement. 

Florida State still needs to hire another coach or two, their staff next year is not yet finalized, and it's also possible that they could yet lose another coach to a promotion before all is said and done. For now though, there are two new coaches officially on staff for 2013. Sunseri will coach in the Orange Bowl, meanwhile Pruitt will stay on staff with 'Bama through the BCS Championship game. 

Outtakes From: Florida State Seminoles' Williams Brothers Carry Bond to the Field


It really isn't too hard to tell that Karlos and Vince Williams are related. Aside from the familial resemblance, the two come equipped with personalities that fill a room. A lot of college players can be timid when a bunch of reporters stick recorders and cameras in their faces and grill them with questions.

Not the Williams boys. 

If you haven't had a chance to read the feature on the Williams brothers from Thursday's paper, check it out here

The two brothers played together extensively, side-by-side on defense- for the first time at Florida State- in the ACC Championship game. Both talked about how meaningful that was and the fact it was special to their family. 

“They love it, all our family loves it," said Vince. "They eat it up, man, because they can’t really believe like you go from a few years ago being like ‘little Vince and little Karlos’ to being like, ‘man these guys play for Florida State, I saw them on ESPN the other day."

Here are some of the other outtakes from the Williams Brothers:

Vince on playing with Karlos: “I think it’s pretty special, I know a lot of people don’t really get that opportunity and it’s been pretty cool to actually be on the field with your little brother, but I’m telling you, I mean people don’t really know but you don’t really see it that way, like Karlos is just another player on the field when we’re playing. Like he’s my brother yes, but it’s different when I’m on the sideline watching him play than when he’s actually out there. When he’s actually out there I don’t really see him as my little brother it’s just like he’s playing strong safety and he’s got to make plays.

“[But] from the sideline, watching him play I’m like I’m watching my little brother play at Florida State, that’s kind of crazy.”

Karlos on what his Vince said to him when he threw up during the ACC Championship game: “I threw up on the sideline... I’m sitting next to Vince and Christian [Jones] I’m like, 'man my stomach hurts' they said 'you got hit in the stomach?' I said no, he said 'what’s wrong with ya?' I said I think I’m going to throw up.

"He said if you throw up 'I swear you’ve got to move to the defensive backs bench,' so I grabbed a towel and threw up behind the bench and he says, ‘you should be embarrassed and ashamed.’”

Vince on when he first realized Karlos was the better athlete: “It was like a while ago, we were playing basketball in the driveway and I’m beating him but I’m kind of just messing around and I guess I made him mad, he really started getting it. He’s like crossing me up, blowing it passed me and I’m like ‘I can’t stop him.’ So finally I beat him by one point and I’m [panting] like ‘I took it easy on ya.’ But I was giving everything I had to try to keep him from winning. Because Karlos, he’s the type of guy you don’t ever want to let him get one up on you, he’s never going to let you live it down.”

Karlos on concerns over whether he'd lose speed bulking up to move to linebacker: “I weighed 230 my freshman year when I returned a kick against Miami, so my body’s not slowing down.”

Jimbo Fisher on having the Williams boys at practice: "Yeah, they make fun of each other all the time, it may be tougher [for them to concentrate both being out there]. It doesn't hurt to have your brother here though, there's a comfort zone in knowing someone here you're close to I don't think that hurts, but they've both developed really well and become very good players for us."



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