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January 12, 2013

Seminoles' 2013 Home Schedule Leaves Something to Be Desired


It's no secret that a multitude of factors have conspired to hurt sports ticket sales at all levels in the state of Florida. While many of the national pundits claim that Florida is not a good professional sports state, the fact that both the Gators and Seminoles struggled to regularly sell out there home games in the 2012 season was indicative of something more. 

Florida State had just two sellouts in 2012, Clemson and Florida. This year's slate of home games carries no such gems, no highly-touted top-10 matchups that will be surefire draws. This year's home schedule leaves something to be desired.

The Seminoles' out of conference schedule consists of Wofford, Idaho, Nevada and a trip to Gainesville to renew acquaintances with the rival Florida Gators. With the Florida game being away, the other three out of conference games can hardly be considered big sellers.

Yesterday the ACC announced conference opponents for 2013 and did Florida State no favors from a ticket sales standpoint:

2012 ACC Home Opponents


NC State



2012 ACC Road Opponents


Boston College

Wake Forest



Aside from the Miami game, there's not a whole lot to get excited about in terms of the Seminoles home schedule. While there's a very good chance that the Hurricane game will be a sellout, there's just as good a chance that it will be Florida State's ONLY sellout in 2013. That's not an indictment on the fanbase either, Florida has had problems with ticket sales too and empty stadium shots have become the norm at Hurricane home games.

But in terms of likely ticket sales, Florida State can't be thrilled at their prospects in 2013.

The flipside of that is the schedule does set up nicely for FSU to make a run next season should they handle their business against inferior opponents. Outside of Clemson and Florida, there won't be many schools capable of playing up to the Seminoles' level next year. Of course, it will be a much different story if FSU plays down to their opponents as was occasionally the case in 2012.

Regardless though, the 2013 schedule is a mixed bag. It's great from the standpoint of setting Florida State up for a solid season, but not so great if you're trying to sell out Doak...

Check back later today for updates from UNC-FSU at TLCCC...


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