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Unhappy Fisher Ends Sloppy Practice Early


Jimbo Fisher did not like what he saw on the practice field on Wednesday afternoon as Florida State conducted one of its final practices before Saturday's Spring game.

After attempting to impart a message about toughness and being a hard-nosed football team just two days ago, Fisher watched his team turn in one of its worst practices of the Spring on Wednesday afternoon

"It kept dragging and dragging and getting worse, so before somebody fooled around and got hurt," said Fisher. "It just got to be a waste of time at the end there.

"Defense wasn't lining up right, then the offense would get confused and run a play and it was going back and forth. And it was just, 'if you don't want to play, we'll go again tomorrow.' It happens one, twice, three times a year in whatever sport you're in. they go and feel sorry for themselves, and they've gotta go wake up."

Florida State held its second scrimmage of the Spring on Monday. It was a tough, hard-hitting affair that left the team bruised and battered. Fisher tried to get his team to play mean, hard-nosed football without provocation, he wanted them to come out and swing hard first.

"The overall thing he said was he didn’t want it to be like we have to get busted in the nose first before we take it to that level and get hard-nosed like that," said RB James Wilder. "He wants us to come out like that from the beginning."

The team did a lot of goal-line work during the scrimmage, a lot of running between the tackles to be specific, and they really exchanged some vicious blows.

“That was the biggest practice, scrimmage, everything since I’ve been here," said Wilder afterwards. "Towards the end it was just crazy. I mean just straight hard-nosed, no pass plays, just straight hard-nosed up the middle. Even when you don’t get the ball there’s not going to be a play that you just don’t get hit. You’re going to knock somebody’s helmet off or somebody’s going to knock your helmet off. And you’re tired so you just have to dig deep and go. It was definitely the toughest practice I’ve had so far.”

Apparently the hangover on Wednesday was pretty severe.

Mario Pender took a shot to the head and left early on Monday, he was not on the field on Wednesday either. James Wilder also aggravated a rib injury that plagued him at the end of last season too and will miss the rest of Spring. With Devonta Freeman doubtful for Saturday with a high ankle sprain, FSU could potentially be without all three of their backs.

The bigger disappointment to Fisher though was that his message about toughness- one which he thought got through on Monday- didn't carry over to the next practice.

On Wednesday, Fisher's team did not display the toughness he was looking for.

"You've got to bounce back," said Fisher. "Back in the day, you'd go 20, 25 days, went live and tackled every day. It's a mentality. Our kids today, we get softer and softer. Our society gets softer and softer and it trickles down. When it's time to work, it's time to go to work.

"Turn it up from the first play to the last. Play the whole time. You can't pick and choose. What were we, a handful of plays last year from winning every game? Five or six plays? How do you know what five or six plays those are? If you don't turn it on in practice every day, how do you know what you're turning on in a game? You don't."

After witnessing enough sloppiness and mental errors Fisher opted to end the practice prematurely, sending his team back to the lockerroom after a thorough tongue-lashing.

With just one practice remaining before Saturday's Spring finale there's a good chance the Seminoles are in for a very tough day tomorrow.

Hell hath no fury like an angry head football coach.


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