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Greg Dent Arrested, Charged with Sexual Assault


Just hours after Florida State's baseball season ended Seminole fans were greeted with more bad news last night when WR Greg Dent was arrested by local police for sexual assault.

This broke last night but without Dent being formally charged, and given the serious nature of the allegations, it wasn't prudent to run with a speculative article before he had even been formally arraigned.

As of this morning though, Dent has now been arraigned and charged with second degree sexual assault.

Per the probable cause affadavit, Dent was out with a long-time friend (one that he has known since they were both in high school) at a club on Saturday night and after returning to his apartment early Sunday morning, allegedly forced himself on her.

Last night the buzz-phrase that was repeated every time the arrest was mentioned was "person over the age of 12." That gives the impression that the victim was a minor.

That is wrong, that's the wording the state of Florida has chosen to go with when they wrote the laws, but in this case the female party was over the age of 18. There is no statutory rape angle to this, age is not the issue, this is alleged to be a sexual battery without serious bodily injury or a second degree sexual assault.

This morning Dent made his first appearane in court after being arrested last night around 7:10 PM. He was charged and his bond was placed at 15,000 dollars. He posted bail and was released at 2:09 PM from the Leon County Jail.

He is to have no contact with the victim.

From the arrest report, the incident occured in the early hours of Sunday morning at approximately 3:30 AM. After a night out with a group of friends, the two returned to Dent's apartment where the assault allegedly took place.

After allegedly attempting to kiss the victim several times and being told "no," she bit him on the lip and he left the room momentarily. Per her statement he then returned to the bed naked and attempted to force himself on her, she alleges he pulled her shorts and panties off and briefly penetrated her before she fought him off, grabbed her clothes and ran outside. She contacted police shortly after and Dent was arrested on Sunday evening after agreeing to meet with the Leon County Sherriff's Office.

Here's where it starts to get dicey for Dent, per Florida State law the statement he gave after being advised of his Miranda rights was redacted in the arrest report. There are two paragraphs of redactions though. Without knowing what he said, at first glance two paragraphs or redacted post-miranda statements doesn't look good. Especially when you consider on the page that lists reasons for the redacted information, box 119.107(2)(e) is checked. That means it was a redaction of "substance of a confession by a person arrested."

While that's not a smoking gun, it's definitely not a good thing to see at the top of the probable cause affadavit either.

Tim Jansen, who is FSU's go-to attorney, will be handling this for Dent. In the interim, per FSU's rules any student athlete charged with a felony cannot participate in team activities while that charge is pending so Dent is currently suspended indefinitely. Dent has no criminal history prior to these charges.

Dent has not been convicted yet, nor has he even been allowed to offer a formal defense. At this point he has been charged with an alleged sexual assault and over the coming weeks and months the courts will determine his guilt.

Update: Jimbo Fisher and FSU released the following statement at 6:30 PM:

“We are aware of the situation with Greg Dent. He's suspended indefinitely from all team activities as we let the legal process run its course.” 


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