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Previewing the Opponent: Nevada Wolf Pack


Nevada Wolf Pack
2012 Record: 7-6
2013 Record: 1-1
Head Coach: Brian Polian
All-Time: 0-0 (First Meeting)

Overview: Florida State is set to play host to Nevada on Saturday at 3:30 in the Seminoles' home opener. The Wolf Pack brings with it an up-tempo, fast-paced style of offense that will attempt to wear out the Seminole defense and force the Florida State offense to keep up with it. 

The leader of the Wolf Pack offense is Cody Farjado, a 6-2 junior that has garnered comparisons to former Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick. According to former Nevada head coach Chris Ault, Farjado actually threw better as a freshman than Kaepernick. The question surrounding Farjado has always been his durability, he was 6-4 when healthy last season but entered the week battling injuries yet again and will be questionable come kickoff on Saturday.

If Farjado cannot go, he will be replaced by Devin Combs.

Nevada averages a snap every 15-20 seconds on offense and will utilize a no-huddle approach to try and keep FSU's defenders (particularly it's defensive line) on the field for long stretches without allowing a substitution. Come 3:30 on Saturday FSU's conditioning will be tested.

"You definitely are putting a little more work running during the day and making sure you get to the ball throughout practice because we’re well aware that the pace is going to be up," said DT Tim Jernigan. "It’s going to be an afternoon game, it’s going to be hot outside."

Very hot, forecasts call for temperatures in the 90's come kickoff. 

How FSU Stacks Up: To combat what Nevada will attempt to do on offense the Seminoles have been trying to work in as many up-tempo, fast-paced plays as they can during practices in order to simulate game conditions. 

“As long as we remember the keys they gave us and stay disciplined I feel like nobody should freak out, we’ll be alright,” said safety Terrence Brooks.

“That fast tempo is going to be the biggest thing, you know how it gets you tired very fast and it can get you off your keys just by you being tired," added Brooks. “It’s definitely going to be a switch-up but they’re preparing us well."

Nevada's offense will lose it's dynamic quickly if Florida State can force it to become one dimensional though. The threat of the run, especially given the mobility of Farjado, fades as the gap between the two teams widens on the scoreboard.

Offensively though, don't be surprised if Jameis Winston and the passing game aren't throwing upwards of 30 passes against the Wolf Pack though. FSU should be able to impose its will along the line of scrimmage and the power run game will likely be a major asset while the Seminole give their defense time to rest.

James Wilder Jr. and Devonta Freeman combined for over 100 yards against Pittsburgh, it's possible they could each go over 100 themselves against the Wolf Pack. 

Three to Watch

1.) Cody Farjado, QB - A multi-talented quarterback who has drawn comparisons to Colin Kaepernick, if healthy he could give the Seminoles fits.

2.) Devin Combs, QB - If Farjado is unable to go, Combs will have the lead the Wolf Pack offense.

3.) Brock Hekking, DE - "Nevada is huge, they are some big guys and actually one player stood out to me he had a mullet playing D-end, that was very exciting," said Jameis Winston.

Quote of the Week: "You should go hard all the time, because you never know I might get hurt tomorrow – God forbid – you just have to take advantage of these days, because people really get mad because they don’t get these days back and they couldn’t do what they wanted to do and I mean I feel like having a “what if” is probably my worst fear.”

-Terrence Brooks


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