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October 01, 2013

FSU Practice Notebook: Seminoles Get Nasty as Fisher Preaches Physicality


"Good hard physical Tuesday, I thought we got a lot of work done today, thought we were physical, got to get the one-on-one’s work like we always do and the guys banged pretty good," said head coach Jimbo Fisher after Tuesday's practice ended.

"[I] liked the physicality, thought we took on blockers well on defense I liked the way they tackled in the run game, I really did. Made the offense pick it up, got pretty physical, pretty aggressive today."

Fisher said that tackling wasn't the issue on Saturday, it was maintaining gap responsibilities and fighting off blocks rather than going around them that were the primary problems. 

That doesn't mean the Seminoles didn't mix it up though. 

"It was physical, it got nasty now they were getting in fights and pushing each other. Both sides were cranked up," said Fisher. "They always get after it but there was a little more juice in it today, they knew they needed to get it better."


Fisher Pumps Brakes on Winston Praise

You can definitely see an overt hesitation on the part of Jimbo Fisher to feed into the hype that continues to grow around his young quarterback. Jameis Winston continues to garner national attention but you'd never know if when you're interviewing Fisher.

The fourth year head coach almost never brings up Jameis Winston at his press conferences - instead waiting for a question before talking about his signal caller. And he's still liable to discuss backup Jacob Coker or deflect the praise to his entire offensive unit as opposed to just singling out Winston. 

That was on display on Tuesday evening too when Fisher was asked about FSU's offense scoring on six straight possessions for the fourth straight game and whether Winston gets "hot" during the course of a game:

"It’s everything, but again like I say, be careful. Sometimes when the quarterbacks play bad we want to blame them and when they play good, now is he playing well and doing things? Yes, I mean he’s playing very well but the guys around him are blocking and getting the spots," said Fisher.

"They’re getting the angles right to create the throws for him, we’re picking up blizes, we’re being able to make runs, it’s a combination of everything." 

When asked whether this is the best his offense has run since he got to FSU, Fisher responded, "Uhh, I’d have to think about it, I haven’t really thought about it. But I think we’ve done a decent job, I think we’ve done a decent job."


Tyler Hunter Update

Just kidding.

No update, Hunter still hasn't been out at practice and is currently awaiting further evaluation before FSU makes a decision on him.

"We’re just getting some outside opinions on things," said Fisher. "I wish I could tell you, I don’t know the answer to all that. We’re just trying to get second opinions to make sure that everything’s right. We’re re-evaluating what we’re seeing it’s too important for the young man’s safety."


This and That:

##- John Franklin III is playing Maryland QB CJ Brown this week in practice:

"John can fly, he can throw it a mile," said Fisher. "Whether you want to throw it or run John can do about all of it."

##- Fisher on the team's tackling:

"Tackling had nothing to do with that it was taking on blocks and [covering] seams inside we tackled pretty well in the game, we didn’t tackle the poorly."

##- Fisher on the noon kickoff:

"I think it's hard to get in," said Fisher, speaking about recruiting visits in particular. "TV controls all that, we'll play when they say, it doesn't matter to us."


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