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FSU Practice Notebook: Come on Feel the Noise!


At Florida State the media work in a room inside the stadium about 200 yards away from the practice fields. Yesterday the crowd noise that Florida State pumped into the Al Dunlap Practice facility was so deafening that it was even distracting to the reporters. 

But it served a purpose for the team.

“Usually, it makes you practice better because guys have to focus more, they have to concentrate more," said Jimbo Fisher. "Believe it or not, your practices usually become better when they’re really locked in because they know they have to, then all of a sudden, they’re paying more attention to detail of what’s going on.

"Sometimes when there’s no noise you’ll have a guy ‘Well, I didn’t hear that,’ these guys are making sure. But, from a coach’s standpoint, yes, you’ve got to work with them too.”

So were there any issues caused by the noise?

“[We were] good - for the most part. A couple times here or there, this is what we do every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when we’re on the road," said Fisher of the manufactured crowd noise. "It’s no different than what we did for Pitt, or anywhere else. Same issue you have, [you have to] get used to getting back into it again.”

As for how the practice went overall, Fisher was positive but seemed to have a few things still left to cover before the team heads to Death Valley on Friday.

"We did good, fast ball work. Solid day, (we) still have something to hone up a little bit, but I liked practice very much," said Fisher. "I liked our intensity and focus. We have to continue on execution on little things, but that’s typical where you’d be this time of week. (I’m) very content with where we are. I liked the practice.”

More from Practice:

##- Jimbo Fisher echoed James Wilder and said the junior running back's shoulder is feeling the best it has all year.

“He always was healthy, now he’s trusting it,"said Fisher. "Sometimes when you’re hurt – the mental part –  getting over that is the hardest part.”

##- ESPN was on campus yesterday for an All-Access look at FSU

“It’s great because you get accessibility, people get to see what’s going on inside. It’s great for us because people know we’re a program that makes a difference again, we’re back in the national limelight and it’s great to show the place off. You almost didn’t know they were here, they did such a great job with how they did it and in and out of our business. (They were) very professional and they did a great job.”

##- And Fisher took a moment to praise Lamarcus Joyner after practice:

“I’ll tell you what, he’s been vocal his whole life. He gets more confident in what he’s doing, but I’ll be honest with you, Lamarcus has always been a guy that is not afraid to get on guys and to motivate guys. He’s a tremendous leader. His heart and soul is in playing football and playing at Florida State. He’s a tremendous guy to have.”


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