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FSU Practice Notebook: It's Business Time


"Good Tuesday, came out here very business-like and got our work done, we need to have a couple more good days so we can be prepared to play well,” said Jimbo Fisher as his team left the practice field. 

"[It was a] good cool Tuesday, really good environment to practice in -- like [it will be at] game-time. I thought we got a lot of work in, thought the defense really did some great things that I liked," added Fisher. "Offense was good and solid today. Good solid day."

So, in review, Tuesday's practice was both good and also solid.

As for the energy level at practice -- especially given that it's Miami week -- Fisher said he hadn't noticed any difference from his players. Asked if some of the south Florida guys were a little more amped this week, Fisher responded: “No, I really don’t [think so] at all I just feel like we’re going about our business.”

In other news, James Wilder was back at practice yesterday after missing a week due to the effects of a concussion suffered against Clemson. 

“He’s fine, he’s rolling now, going full speed," said Fisher. "He’s doing great.”

Giorgio Newberry also returned to practice after being held out on Monday. 

“[He's] good, he practiced today, he got to practice today," said Fisher. "We did what we had to do and he did a nice job rehabbing.”

Overall the Seminoles are extremely healthy heading into this weekend's tilt with the rival Hurricanes.

“Yeah we feel very good, we’ve been blessed," said Fisher. "Knock on wood.”

More from Practice: 

##- Fisher on Stephen Morris' injured ankle and whether FSU would do more to put pressure on him:

“I mean we’re going to try to affect the quarterback no matter what, that’s one of our main goals on defense whether he can move, he can’t move, you’ve got to affect the quarterback. It looked like he was moving pretty good to me the way he moving around and making some throws.”

##- On Miami having two quality backs:

“You always get a fresh guy, that’s what I say, you’re always getting fresh legs and he’s a big, strong, fast guy. I think the game that Duke got hurt he came in and had 100-something yards I believe, played extremely well. So they have some very capable backs.”

##- On Jameis Winston staying loose and whether it trickles down to his teammates:

“I think it does and guys who usually do that have confidence in themselves and confidence allows you to be relaxed, I think that’s why when he prepares and does a great job during the week he feels that way. But it does, it trickles down to his teammates.”

##- On first down efficiency:

“First down is a big key, when first down is successful third down is usually a lot easier and that’s one our main goals going into every game is how we play on first down offense and defense.”

##- On ESPN being at FSU again today:

“Good, I mean it was good, you don’t even realize they’re here. They do such a great job of getting in and out and getting their interviews and things they do, it’s not very disruptive to your day at all.”


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