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FSU Practice Notebook: Seminoles Seeking Redemption Against NC State


The rain pelted Tallahassee all day on Tuesday but that didn't stop the Florida State Seminoles from getting their work in at practice.

“A good Tuesday workout. A very physical day, tough day," said Jimbo Fisher afterward. "Guys grinded it out, got a lot of work done. Proud of the way we worked today. Got good work inside, glad we stayed inside. Looking forward to this weekend, but still a lot of work to be done between now and then.”

Florida State may be fortunate to have NC State where they are on the schedule, Fisher admitted as much on Monday. In another year -- coming off a big win over rival Clemson and looking forward to Miami in two weeks -- it would be easy to sleep on this weekend's game a little bit. Not with the NC State Wolfpack headed to town though. Florida State isn't about to overlook the team that ruined their national title hopes around this time last year.

“It’s a bitter taste, you don’t want to be like that. Last year I felt like we were supposed to be in the national championship. We should have," said Devonta Freeman on Tuesday evening. "And the team that was in the national championship, I feel like we were better than them because we beat them the year before that in the bowl game. I feel like they stole our place, but with NC State we let it happen so it’s on us. And I just feel like we can’t let that happen anymore.”

"Everytime someone even says [something about the NC State loss] it kind of turns my stomach a little bit still to this day," added Terrence Brooks. "Even the guys that all got drafted if you still say NC State to them they're still going to cringe up a little bit."

Florida State is determined not to let that happen again this year and a large part of that -- as Jimbo Fisher likes to remind everyone -- is preparation. 

"I mean we better get ready to play because NC State is going to be ready to play," said Fisher. "They have lost two games in a row. They are going to try and get their season back to where they want to go. They’re going to bring their ‘A’ game in here and come at us, so we better be ready to play.”

More From Practice:

##- As I reported earlier, Matthew Thomas is done for the season. The freshman linebacker will have surgery on his shoulder in the coming days. He may still be eligible for a redshirt though (per Fisher) because he's only played in four games this year.

“He is done," said Fisher. "He is going to have shoulder surgery. He has got to get that fixed.”

As for the rest of the linebacking corps, Fisher feels good about his depth there.

“I like our linebacker group. They have played well," Fisher added. "We have a good group in there. And we got plenty of guys to play in there.”

##- Roberto Aguayo has had a tremendous start to his career. As in, he has not missed a kick through his first six games and is on pace to crush Dustin Hopkins' NCAA career points record for kickers by the end of his junior season.

“He’s doing a great job. He’s got a lot of poise and composure. He’s doing it in practice. It doesn’t surprise you if he is doing well because that’s the way he kicks in practice," said Fisher. "I mean he misses very few kicks in practice. He has just been very consistent. He has a good head on his shoulders, he works very hard. He has a chance to be a very good player. He is very mature, he handles things very well. I’m sure he is nervous inside and he admits it every now and then but he is relaxed and has had a very nice year. He has been very key for us [on] kickoffs and everything.”

##- And here's your obligatory Jameis Winston quote, this time on how he handles himself with poise even during an interview:

“It is easy to be genuine and say things that you truly believe. And I think that is where his sincerity comes from. That’s the way he looks at the game. He understands the game and that he can’t do what he does without everybody else. That’s what the guys who make an impact on this game and last a long time truly grasp. [His teammates] know he is getting attention but at the same time they know he gives it back to them. When he is with them, he’s one of them. He doesn’t look at himself above them and I think that’s very critical.” 


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