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Going Polling: FSU Still Sitting Third in Coaches, AP Polls


The polls are out and Florida State is still ranked third in both of them.

In Coaches Poll the top five remain unchanged with Alabama, Oregon, FSU, Ohio State and Baylor all running 1-5. Worth noting though, FSU had a first place vote last week -- not anymore. Oregon, which had four first place votes a week ago, now has six after beating UCLA yesterday. Alabama has the rest.

FSU did gain some ground by picking up nine points total though, moving from 1410 to 1419 while Oregon picked up just one more point. They lead FSU by 64 points, with 1483.

Miami is 6th, Clemson is 8th and Virginia Tech -- who was upset by Duke -- is out of the poll.

FSU lost ground in the AP poll, but only slightly. The Seminoles saw their point total from votes cast drop by five this week, from 1395 to 1390. Incidentally, Oregon picked up five points. They lead FSU in the AP poll by 42. The Seminoles did hang on to both of their first place votes from last week's poll though.

After a Missouri loss to South Carolina the AP now has the same top five as the Coaches' poll, with Alabama, Oregon, FSU, Ohio State and Baylor sitting 1-5. As for other ACC schools, Miami is 7th and Clemson is 9th.


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