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Mondays With Jimbo: Clemson Week Edition


Every Monday Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher holds his weekly press conference to discuss the week's opponent, the previous weekend's film and whatever else he feels like talking about that afternoon. We cover it in a weekly piece called, "Mondays with Jimbo."

Jimbo Fisher stopped by this morning to discuss Clemson, the ACC and the hostile atmosphere the Seminoles are headed to on Saturday when the fifth ranked Seminoles and third ranked Tigers square off.

"We’re looking forward to a great game on Saturday," Fisher lead off with. "They’re a tremendous football team. Coached very well, [they’ve got] great players, great coaches, they’re playing very well in all three phases.

FSU's fourth year head coach then pivoted to a discussion of the Clemson defense -- now in its second year under coordinator Will Venables. 

“One, I think first of all knowledge of their scheme, being with their coordinator another year [has improved]," said Fisher. "Two, they just got bigger, stronger and faster. As you learn what to do -- like I say all time time -- you gain confidence. Then your athletic ability starts to come out as you feel more comfortable in what you’re doing, your assignments and how quick you can do them and knowing that ‘hey I can do what this coach is asking me to do.’ And they’ve matured very well, they’re doing a great job. They’re playing very fast, very physical, like I said they’re leading the country in sacks and negative plays, they have dynamic guys than can rush the passer but they’re also very physical inside."

As for what the Seminoles expect in terms of the atmosphere up at Clemson this weekend and how it will affect communications, Fisher was quick to point out that a loud stadium affects both teams.

“It’s tough, you have to make sure [communication is] an emphasis," said Fisher. "For the most part the last game we were there I thought we communicated pretty well. There’s always a time or two with those situations, but sometimes there is out here. I mean sometimes there is in your own home stadium.”

“There’s a lot of hostile environments, I promise you. The first thing that makes it a hostile environment is you’re playing a good football team. One who has very good players, ones who know how to play and then they’re well coached. And they have fanbase that’s very passionate and they’re used to winning. All of those things make it hostile.”

More from Jimbo:

##- On the ramifications FSU-Clemson has for the ACC:

“I think it’s something we’ve been wanting. The other conferences have had those games and now it’s up here and you get to bring some notoriety to this conference, which we all feel, like I said second most NFL players and all of that over the last, how many years?  We feel like we have great football in the ACC and now we get a chance showcase it and it’s great for the country to understand we have two top-five teams that have national championship contender aspirations and abilities and I think it’s great for our league.”

##- On the potential pressure redshirt freshman Roberto Aguayo could feel at Clemson:

“Every kick to him is pressure. You just have to relax and stay true to the process and kick the ball and keep your head down and don’t worry about where it’s going and just stay true to your process and fundamentals. You don’t do that, because to me, that adds more pressure to the situation. Do what you’ve done all week, do what you’ve done all year, do what you’ve done your whole life and just got through the process and be true to it and don’t worry about the results. Just make sure you kick the ball very well.”

##- On TE Nick O'Leary

“He’s blocking well, he moves like a fullback out of the backfield when we move him, whether he’s on the ball, catching balls down the field, he’s caught five touchdowns on the year. He’s a very productive guy, understands the game. Just one of those guys that does everything.”

##- On where he thought his football team would be at this point of the season:

“We are where I thought we’d be. I like this football team. I still like this football team. I like coaching it, I like the way it competes, I like personalities and the family atmosphere and I think I will the rest of the year. This is a very unique team as far as personalities, competitiveness, class and things it represents and I think it represents Florida State in a great way.”


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