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Mondays With Jimbo: NC State Week Edition


Every Monday Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher holds his weekly press conference to discuss the week's opponent, the previous weekend's film and whatever else he feels like talking about that afternoon. We cover it in a weekly piece called, "Mondays with Jimbo."

Jimbo Fisher stopped by this morning to discuss the Clemson game, the BCS, Jameis Winston and he even mentioned NC State a couple of times. Not much though. Ironically, as Florida State enters this week trying to get payback for last year's upset -- a game many around the program say FSU overlooked -- the Wolfpack was largely overlooked at Jimbo Fisher's Monday press conference. 

Not completely though. Fisher said he plans to remind his team of how much last year's loss hurt.

“Feel that pain, pain is preparation. You want that pain again? Don’t prepare," said Fisher. "You want to eliminate that pain? Prepare and take care of business.”

That was about the extent of it though, he also talked about NC State's quarterback and the benefit of having a significant opponent -- after all, there is a revenge factor this weekend -- sandwiched between big games against rivals Clemson and Miami.

“I don’t think any of those things hurt, I really don’t," said Fisher. "I think it’s how you handle them and put them in perspective. You have to know that after you play that there’s another game. You have to know that these guys are very capable and you have to -- if you don’t want to feel the pain you felt a year ago you have to prepare and play well -- and that’s the key. It’s the next game, that’s the most important game. It’s a one game season. You want to play well for coach Bowden but at the same time, you’ve got to make sure if you’re the players -- coach Bowden’s celebration is for him and the fans and things -- you can’t let that be part of your thinking, that’s clutter too. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I mean I love coach Bowden to death. Again I think it’s another growing stage for our program to learn to handle situations and things that will hopefully be around for a long time.”

But mostly he discussed Clemson and the BCS.

On Saturday ESPN gave fans a rare glimpse inside the Florida State lockerroom. Fisher admitted on Monday his confidence in his team's maturity was the reason he ever allowed that to happen.

“No, I wouldn’t. I think this team understands that," said Fisher. "And I think it’s part of, if we’re going to be able to play games of that magnitude, we have to learn to deal with that, that’s part of that growing process. I felt, at this stage, the program was able to handle those things. Our kids obviously showed that.”

He also said that the execution is better this year as a result of the maturity.

“It’s experience, you had a sophomore offense last year, you’ve still got a junior offense -- there’s only three seniors -- but guys understand the system, understand what’s going on, able to do the little things better and be able to be more," added Fisher. "The thing is consistency, I say it all the time, consistency is performance over a long period of time. They’re able to sustain, be more consistent and there’s still a lot of things I’m not happy with that we can do better and the players, they come off the field and say it too. I think it’s knowledge of your job. And then the focus, the ability to focus and understand when you’re older that there’s times to play and there’s times to get serious.”

Clearly, on Saturday the Seminoles knew when to get serious.

As for the BCS, Jimbo now loves the computers. But also continued to reiterate his point about how the human element needs to be weighed more heavily. As for how it affects his team? He considers it clutter.

“I don’t think it changes any," said Fisher. "Clutter is clutter, no matter what it is.”

More from Jimbo: 

##- On the adjustments teams are making against them defensively each week:

“We get different looks every time, we got a lot of things in that game we hadn’t [seen] that had been different, you know, different blitzes. But we have rules and things that are set in place and chance that hopefully you have somewhere to go with the football. It’s built into the system.”

##- On Cam Erving, who was named ACC OL of the Week:

“I think he took a huge step forward in his development as a player. He’s developed into a great player. He had great ability and has really gotten consistent every week, but I think he started trusting in himself, and let his ability show.”

##- On the Heisman race:

“If you want to be in the Heisman race, win games. As much as it is about great play, it’s about your team winning games and being successful.”

##- On James Wilders' status:

“We’re day-by-day, we’ll see how that goes. … He took a pretty good shot, right on the chin. …like a boxer, right in the sweet spot.”

##- On whether or not FSU has the best secondary in the country:

"I think we have a chance to be. We have good players, we like our players. We’ve got guys that are very multiple, that can go corner-safety, safety-corner. They have ball skills, have length, have size, have quickness. It’s a very good group."

"The thing about it, they love ball. They’re all very natural football players, not just athletes. I think that’s what makes them so good, they can dissect information, process it to be able to make the right decision."

##- On Florida State changing the way it teaches tackling in regard to the new targeting rules:

“We did. We emphasized how we tackled, our landmarks, on points, the coaching emphasis on stepping on the toes. See, I think the thudding we do in practice helps us in tackling. You get in trouble when you’re launching.”


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