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Thoughts From the Morning After: FSU 49 NC State 17


Jimbo Fisher's team won handily yesterday. It took Florida State just 19 plays on offense -- a little under 13 minutes of gametime -- to hang 35 points and remove all doubt about the outcome. 

Florida State's offense looked so mighty through their first five possessions on Saturday that it was the officials making first down measurements -- and not the NC State defense -- that looked like the only ones who could slow down the Seminoles in the early going. 

"Offensively, we got sloppy in the second quarter which we need to correct," said Jimbo Fisher after the game. "[We] had some drops in the game and couple lacks of focus there, but [we] scored and did the things we had to do, but [we] need to play better."

"We kept our foot on the gas, we just got sloppy and let some opportunities get away. That just shows you how –- you guys wonder why a coach sometimes gets upset, how well you can be one minute and nothing change -- sometimes you have a lack of focus it’s hard to change it back. Momentum is a hard thing to change. [I’m] disappointed we allowed that to happen. We have to learn to allow that not to happen because we want to be aggressive and pound them. We’ll grow from that, learn from it and move on."

Florida State's first team offense amassed 436 yards and 42 points yesterday but afterwards many of the players admitted they weren't satisfied. After a jaw-dropping opening salvo the offense began to sputter a little bit in the second half.

"We left a lot of yards out there, a lot of points out there," said LT Cameron Erving.

Added WR Kenny Shaw: "We started out too, too fast to me. It was only fair that we got our mistakes out the way."

FSU's Defense

The Seminole defense made it count while their first team was on the field. FSU held NC State without a score and only allowed 85 yards in the first half. They also set the tone with a turnover on their opening series for the second week in a row.

“I mean it’s really big, it affects the offense's mentality when you come out like that and [force them to] turn the ball over in the first series," said LB Terrance Smith. "I mean it’s just a momentum setter for the defense. It sets the tone.”

Added S Terrence Brooks: "We hate them scoring first and then that takes us to get it going, we were like 'hey, why don’t we make plays and get ourselves going.'"

Brooks is referring to the knock on the Seminoles' defense earlier in the season -- that they weren't starting fast enough -- and how it's changed. A lot of that could be in the fact that this defense seems far better suited to defending a spread offense, which they've played against in their last three games. 

"I don’t know what it is, our coaches just gameplan very well," said Brooks. "They definitely want to send a rush and get a blitz going and just let us DB’s do our thing back there and I feel like that’s very good because our DB’s are very confident, they believe in their play, they’re aggressive and that’s what keeps us going."

Jalen Ramsey Acclimating to Safety

Jalen Ramsey is playing as well as any freshman in the country right now. If it weren't for some guy named Jameis Winston, then FSU fans would be seeing a whole lot more Ramsey headlines. After becoming the first true freshman to start a game at corner since Deion Sanders did it, Ramsey moved to safety to replace Tyler Hunter at safety about a month ago. 

"I’m getting a lot more comfortable with him back there," said Brooks, who plays opposite Ramsey. "He’s really learned the defense, he’s applied himself very well to it. He’s just been playing with a lot of confidence, that’s what I like about him, he’s still being aggressive.

"I still make sure he knows his calls, knows where to line up. But now what we do -- now that he knows the plays and what to do -- we try to disguise a lot more and just have some personality about the defense."

More Thoughts From the Morning After:

##- Kelvin Benjamin's hand is fine. X-Rays came back negative:

"The hand is good, it was a tweak so we checked it. It was all fine," said Benjamin last night. "Helmet just hit my knuckles and it was hurting."

##- Nick O'Leary tied the FSU record for TD receptions in a career by a tight end yesterday on his first quarter 14-yard touchdown reception.

##- Tim Jernigan on whether he'd ever left a game so early:

“Never man, this season’s been interesting. We actually as a defense haven’t played a full game but once this season, that was Boston College, but that’s a good thing I guess.”

##- Telvin Smith on whether it was hard to watch the second half from the bench:

“It definitely was. Just because we wanted to make a statement and of course [did] but we didn’t want to let them score anything. We just had to let those younger guys get their feet wet to see what they could do.”

##- Roberto Aguayo is still perfect, he's now made his first 58 consecutive kick. The previous record was 54 -- set by Dustin Hopkins. At his current pace, Aguayo is going to be erasing Hopkins' name from the FSU record books a lot over the next four years. The redshirt freshman is still on pace to beat Hopkin's career points record before the end of his junior year. 


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