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November 12, 2013

FSU Practice Notebook: Another Good Tuesday


“Good Tuesday, I liked the focus. That’s two days that they’ve really practiced well, offensively and defensively. Got things detailed, both sides guys are flying around as far as knowing what to do and how they do it, and doing it with good technique, good attitude. I really liked our development this week, keep getting better at some things," said Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher after practice on Tuesday.

"Hopefully it will keep carrying on the rest of the week but I’ve really liked the way we’ve practiced the last two days, a good physical nature.”

FSU will need to be physical this weekend against a Syracuse rushing attack that has been generating plenty of yardage lately. The last time the Seminoles faced a power-running team -- Boston College -- they gave up over 200 yards on the ground. 

This time Jimbo Fisher feels things will be a lot different.

[It’s] much different. We’re doing things different and I think they understand things [better],” said Fisher. “I thought early in the year we played a little selfish, we were trying to force the game… they’re doing a better job [now] of understanding how everything fits together.”

Another big piece is that FSU's defensive front is vastly improved from where it was agaisnt the Eagles. Christian Jones has really come on since shifting to defensive end and -- unlike when they played BC in September -- the Seminoles will have Mario Edwards Jr. for this game.

"[He's] really developing his quickness and staying in good shape. I’ve been very pleased with his progress," said Fisher. "He’s an extremely explosive guy. I mean extremely. He can be as powerful guy as we have. I mean we have some guys on our team that very powerful, but he can be as powerful as anybody we have. He can take on blockers, powerful push the pocket, change the line of scrimmage but he also has that quickness to run you down and make plays.”

With Edwards and Jones at end and FSU's powerful group if interior lineman causing problems in the middle, Fisher is hopeful FSU's defense continues its momentum and stymies the Orange offense.

More from Practice:

##- On how to judge a defense that doesn't lend itself to absurd, eye-popping statistics:

“It’s the whole picture of what they’re doing as a unit. It’s not always a sack, you can get caught up in numbers and still be a bad defense. It’s what they’re doing collectively as a unit and that’s what they’re doing so well, playing selfless. They’re making plays when they have to, getting pressure and doing things. And if they get a lot of three-and-outs you’re not going to have huge numbers because you’re not going to be on the field for a large number of plays.”

##- Jacob Coker had surgery on Tuesday and is out for the year:

“He probably won’t be back the rest of the season, not until spring ball. They sewed it, so with that sewing, it’s like six weeks non-weight baring to let it heal and then can get him back in.”

##- For what it's worth, Fisher has always been high on Sean Maguire and was very pleased with how the redshirt freshman responded in practice on Tuesday:

“I’ve been pleased, the last two days he has really thrown the ball well, made throws and what I’m happy about making the reads and checks and knowing what to do. He’s done a good job of paying attention. We give him limited reps at times but he’s done a really nice job. You feel very comfortable, very few assignments (missed), maybe throw a ball high occasionally here and there but just to get a throw. But as far as what to do, where to go with the ball, done a very nice job.”


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