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Jimbo Fisher Talks About the FSU Coaching Job on Sirius XM


Jimbo Fisher was on Sirius XM radio's College Sports Nation with Jack Arute and Rick Neuheisel earlier today. The interview started awkwardly enough with Arute wading into the Jameis Winston issue and asking for an update from Fisher.

“Uh, no comment on that right now, Jack," said Fisher. 

But things picked up when Fisher got on to the topic of "what makes FSU the best coaching job in the country." The premise was served up from a poll question the show was running that day where they were asking fans to give their pick for the nation's most attractive coaching gig. Arute asked Fisher why it was FSU and Jimbo let forth a very solid answer.

“Well I think you have a tremendous football tradition. Coach Bowden since he’s been here laid a tremendous tradition, I think you have a hot bed of recruiting, you’re accessible to athletes in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, there’s tons of players in the Southeast. There’s great fan support I can say -- with the tradition and the ability to have a passion to be good," said Fisher.

"And the administration here, our new athletic director Stan Wilcox is a tremendous guy and I think they have a passion to be good and they want it to be the front porch of our university where people see the university and how we do in athletics and where football is very important here. And we have a great academic institution, people don’t realize the academics here are extremely high.”

His answer really picked up steam towards the end and frankly, calling the athletic program the university's "front porch" is a really good way to look at things -- especially if you're going to be asking for more money.

And let's be honest, FSU is likely going to have to pony up at the end of this year. Fisher is about to finish his fourth year as the head coach at Florida State, he's 40-10 through his first 50 games, he's built a team that is absolutely loaded with talent and has put FSU firmly back into the national spotlight.

Last year teams made overtures at Fisher when he was 12-2. This season he has a chance to improve on that mark while presiding over a team that is -- for all intents and purposes -- really built more for next season. Other schools will come calling, but don't expect FSU to let their head coach get away.

Florida State has already demonstrated they're willing to spend the money. The 'Noles opened their new indoor practice facility this past Summer and they are not done.

“We’re building a new -- not a true athletic dorm, but a dorm where we can put players and other students that we’ll mix in," said Fisher. "So I think that’s very important today, I worry about the agents, the people getting to them. So I think where they live is very critical in keeping guys together. We just built a brand new indoor facility, we’re doing upgrades on our locker-room now and stadium and things are going on. So we’re constantly adding and they’re never stopping so I mean we’re constantly trying to keep and do the things we have to do to stay on top of things.”

And that's a large part of why FSU probably won't have to worry about losing Fisher. Administration has shown a willingness to invest in the program, the Seminoles are on the rise and there's plenty of good young players currently stocking the proverbial cupboard.

As for the new dorm being built -- the one that is not a "true athletic dorm," but will house many of FSU's younger players -- Fisher was asked if he dislikes the fact that schools are no longer able to keep their players on campus.

“I think it’s very important to keep them together. I think the team unity part of the old athletics dorms is a vital part, you want us to monitor more -- there’s 100 times more things going on now than there were back then -- and now we can spend less time with them and we don’t know where they live?" quipped Fisher. "Now you explain, if that was your child how would you control him? Now give you 100 of them. I worry about the agents, the runners, all of the different people. If you know where people live and they live together and they live in one place, who’s coming in and out of the room, who’s coming in and out of the dorm, who’s hanging around the building -- you can tell what’s going on with your kids and your family if you just pay attention.”


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