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The Tao of Jaboo (Wake Week Edition)


Every Wednesday Jameis Winston speaks and every Wednesday we'll provide you the highlights of his interview in a weekly feature called, "The Tao of Jaboo."

“My eyes are fine," said Jameis Winston on Wednesday, addressing all the squinting he had done on Saturday night. "I always had contacts. I just don’t wear them. I wear glasses sometimes, but my eyes are fine. I heard a lot about it, but it’s just like hearing other stuff."

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful Wednesday press conference for Mr. Winston. There were plenty of questions about Miami and what the Seminoles had to do for the rest of the season, but nothing too off the wall.

“That’s one thing about how our offense is built," said Winston at one point when asked about FSU using Miami's own gameplan to beat them. "They’re going to have a hard time stopping the run because our running game is good and our linemen can take control of the game. As we saw in the Miami game, the way Coach Fisher teaches us to play in the game and the way we do things at practice and how we react, we can count on something and [we can] just come out and be yourself. We feel like we have a great team and we can do what we need to do.”

Winston also touched on what he told his teammates -- Bobby Hart, in particular -- after a third quarter fight with Miami.

“I just let him know that we needed him more than anything," said Winston. "It’s not really that big to get into a brawl and obviously I got his back, but we need him. Bobby didn’t even get the penalty, Tre’ [Jackson] got the penalty because he was sticking up for Bobby. When things like that happen, for us and them that’s emotions getting involved and that’s why we play the game of football for situation like and see how you are going to react. Sometimes we got to be the bigger man and chill because we could have gotten ejected out of the game and we really don’t need that.

On the very next play James Wilder scored from five yards out.

“That’s when you see the side of our team – no regret, we’ve got nothing to lose and it’s on now," said Winston. "When that happened that’s when the crowd got loud, that’s the loudest I’ve ever heard the crowd since I’ve been here. Everybody got into it, we were all in and we were about to score the next play and we didn’t care what happened - (It didn’t matter) if James had to break 18 tackles or if their fans were on the field trying to tackle him, we wasn’t going to be denied. He’s feeling to get in the end zone and the linemen blocked their tails off and we’re trying to get the end zone. We needed that extra boost of intensity because we were playing a big game and we were pulling away from them, but that really sealed the deal right there.”

More from Jaboo:

##- On Kelvin Benjamin connecting on another big block:

“He did that at the NC State game too when we flipped Karlos (Williams) the ball. K.B. knocked the dude down and stood on him and I shook his hand and went to the sideline because we knew it was going to be a touchdown with Karlos out there running. That’s stuff we look at. Coach Fisher showed us a video at the beginning of the year of some of his past wide receivers dominating outside and not just the line of scrimmage, just dominating the secondary and that’s something our wide receivers and running back take pride in – just try to make their extra block because anything can spring you loose.”

##- On C Bryan Stork:

“Bryan Stork is probably one of the most genuine guys that we have on the team. He’s a veteran and a leader, literally, he’s a veteran because he’s the old guy. People look at Bryan and think he’s quiet, but he’s a really funny guy. We have a good relationship because Bryan accepts whoever you are. He doesn’t judge nobody, he doesn’t really have a problem with you, he’s going to tell you straight up. Those are the type of guys we need not only on our football team, but in everyday life. He’s just a great person and a great center. The center-quarterback relationship has to be great and I love my center.”

##- Devonta Freeman's screen pass:

“The fun part is when after you throw them the ball and you see 310-pound linemen running down the field full-speed. That’s the fun part of it. If you look at that run, Josue (Matias) made a block 30-yards down the field and usually some screens, the running back breaks loose, but Freeman was riding Josue all the way down the field so Josue is running the whole time and then you see K.B. with a big block, then you see Rashad (Greene) with a big block, when you watch it on film you’re like, ‘man, that’s a masterpiece’ and they scored that play. It was a nice play.”


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