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December 08, 2013

Rapid Reaction: ACC Championship Game -- FSU 45 Duke 7


Florida State is headed to Pasadena.

Credit Duke for being scrappy and having a great gameplan. Unfortunately, they just aren't in Florida State's class. Even without playing their best game, the Seminoles stomped the Blue Devils 45-7 on Saturday night.

In the process Florida State won its 14th ACC title, punched its ticket to its fourth BCS championship game and won 13 games in a season for the first time in school history.

Now the Seminoles will play for a BCS Championship on January 6th -- likely against Auburn.

Jameis Winston took home MVP honors on Saturday night for a 19/32, 330 yard performance. Winston tossed three touchdowns on the night but also had two picks. He admitted after the game that he had just been a little bit too amped. 

"I came out too amped for the Miami game too," said Winston. "As you saw, I also threw two picks [in that game]."

Fortunately for Winston and his offensive teammates the Florida State defense was more than capable of carrying the team on Saturday night. Duke managed just 239 yards and didn't score until the second team defense had taken the field. FSU's defense was superb.

When Duke drove the ball following Devonta Freeman's first quarter fumble, the defense held and forced a long field goal. Duke missed it. FSU never fell behind (In fact, FSU still hasn't trailed in a game since they played Boston College back in late September).

When Jamison Crowder returned a punt inside the Florida State 40, Lamarcus Joyner grabbed an interception to snuff out the Blue Devils' drive. 

Everytime Duke made a play on offense, FSU's defense answered. 

"We like to go out there [and] force our will on them. So that's what we try to go out there and do," said LB Telvin Smith.

By the time Florida State's offense got rolling, the Seminoles had the game well in hand. Duke came in to the evening with a very good gameplan and knew most of FSU's tendencies based on formations and packages. Early on that threw Winston and the Seminole offense for a loop.

But Fisher was smart enough to pull out a few previously unseen wrinkles to toss the Duke defense off the scent. Once Florida State introduced the threat of the option, the run game opened up. Florida State ended up rolling up 239 rushing yards -- including three touchdowns -- and Duke never really looked comfortable once they had to account for Winston running the ball too.

That in turn opened up the passing game, Kelvin Benjamin in particular. Benjamin caught two touchdown passes, giving him 14 on the year. He's now second all-time at FSU for the most TD receptions in a season. He's caught more in a single year than Ron Sellers, Peter Warrick, Anquan Boldin or Fred Biletnikoff ever did at FSU in a single year. That's an impressive group, and Benjamin has shown the potential this year to be as talented as any of them.

Benjamin's first touchdown grab put FSU up 7-0. He was double covered and caught a ball that frankly shouldn't have been thrown by jumping over and out-muscling the two defenders.

Later in the game he scored from 54 yards out thanks to his ability to break tackles and stay on his feet. The season may have started with Rashad Greene as the team's most dangerous receiver -- and he still is every bit as dynamic -- but Benjamin has passed him as this team's alpha receiver. 

Now Florida State gets the next month to prepare for Auburn and the BCS title game.

FSU played in the first ever BCS title game and they will play in the last one too. In between the program has fallen on hard times and risen again. A win on January 6th would bring the Seminoles full circle.

All that stands between Florida State and its goal now is Auburn. But don't expect FSU to get wide-eyed about playing an SEC team for a national championship though.

"We're not going to get involved in this SEC/ACC stuff because we done made it to where we are and we're not done yet," said Winston. "We fear no one. Our opponent has no face, so we don't care."


(Photo courtesy of Travis Register)

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December 07, 2013

Halftime: ACC Championship Game -- FSU 17 Duke 0


The Duke Blue Devils have made life very difficult on the Florida State Seminoles early on in this one. FSU is up 17-0, but it hasn't been easy.

For the first time since 2012 -- when FSU hosted Florida -- the Seminoles didn't score a point in the first quarter.

FSU got close, Devonta Freeman was just feet from the goal-line on the second Florida State drive of the game, but after running for 22 yards the junior coughed it up at the three and Duke recovered.

The Blue Devils almost capitalized on the turnover too. Duke drove all the way down to the Seminole 30 -- converting a 3rd-and-16 at one point -- before a missed field goal caused the drive to go for naught. Had the Blue Devils scored it would have marked the first time the Seminoles have trailed in a game since late September (Boston College).

Duke has squandered three opportunities with the ball in FSU territory so far.

Florida State didn't get started on offense until the end of the first quarter when they managed to drive 64 yards in nine plays and Jameis Winston found Kelvin Benjamin in the endzone. Even then, it was not the typical Florida State offensive drive.

So far Jameis Winston has not looked Heisman-like. He's missed on several throws -- including a late 2nd quarter INT -- and has struggled with the different looks Duke is throwing at him. 

Duke has held Florida State's offense in check for most of the first half. Anytime the Seminoles bring more than two receivers on the field they've dropped their safeties deep before the snap. Anytime FSU brings in a big set they load the box. 

Credit David Cutcliffe for an excellent gameplan. The Blue Devils seem acutely aware of the Seminoles' tendencies and they are playing the odds well on almost every down. 

But Jimbo Fisher had a few tricks up his sleeve too.

At the end of the first half, Fisher responded to Duke's guesswork with something they hadn't seen yet -- Florida State began to run an option set.

First Winston ran a read-option, then a traditional option where he cut back against the grain rather than pitch it. By the time FSU handed it to Karlos Williams for a 12-yard touchdown run, Duke was on its heels.

FSU hasn't run an option package all season. Credit Fisher for breaking tendency and whipping out a new wrinkle when the Seminoles needed it most.

The Seminoles also added a late score on a Robert Aguayo 45-yard field goal.

This game isn't over though. Not by a long shot.

Duke is scrappy, they tackle well and they believe that they belong in this game now after a very solid first half. 

This one could come down to the fourth quarter. Or FSU could go on a run early in the third. It's still too early to tell.

Check back after the game for rapid reaction.

Statistical Leaders

Passing: Jameis Winston (12/21 171, TD, INT)
Rushing: Devonta Freeman (9-49)
Receiving: Kelvin Benjamin (3-41 TD)


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Report: Jimbo Fisher Extended at Florida State


The Palm Beach Post's Tom D'Angelo is reporting that Florida State and Jimbo Fisher have agreed to an extension that will make him one of the top ten highest paid coaches in football.

Per D'Angelo:

"Under the new deal Fisher will average about $4.1 million a season, sources have told the Palm Beach Post. The length of the contract will be five to seven years. Fisher’s base salary of $2.75 million this season was 21st nationally.

An announcement is expected early next week."

Fisher could have potentially become a target for a program like Texas if he wasn't given the deal quickly.

Athletic Director Stan Wilcox declined to comment when asked about Fisher's status a few weeks ago. Apparently, that didn't mean he wasn't already working on a new deal for FSU's 48 year-old head coach.

The extension is well-deserved. Fisher took over a 7-6 program four years ago, since then FSU has won 12 games twice and is (as of this writing) playing for its second straight ACC title and a berth in the BCS title game.

Keep checking for updates. 


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Pregame: ACC Championship -- FSU vs. Duke


Florida State and Duke are just a little under two hours from squaring off in the ACC Championship Game.

Conventional wisdom says this should be a coronation for the Seminoles. FSU is the top-ranked team in the country, it is loaded with NFL talent and the Seminoles are 18-0 all-time against the Blue Devils.

That being said, Duke isn't going to just roll over for Florida State tonight. The Blue Devils are scrappy too.

This could be a very good game. 

Or it could be completely lop-sided.

Should be fun to find out. Keep checking back throughout the game for rapid reaction and analysis from Charlotte.

Here's your game capsule:

FSU-Duke Preview [From Print]
Previewing the Opponent: Duke Blue Devils
Five Things to Watch
Injury Report


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Five Things to Watch For: ACC Championship Game


Here are five things to watch for when Duke and Florida State meet in tonight's ACC Championship Game. 

1.) Can Duke Hang Tight Early?

If Florida State comes out early and hangs a couple of easy scores this one could get out of hand before the half. That's not a shot at Duke, either. FSU had the game well in hand on the road against Clemson by halftime too. If the Seminoles get hot early look out.

The key for Duke will be to hang tight early and try to frustrate Florida State into some costly errors. Again, no disrespect to Duke but the Blue Devils just cannot afford to get into a slugfest with a team that out-classes them in terms of talent. They need to play smart, make FSU drive the whole field for points, limit big plays and take advantage of their opportunities. If they can hang in the game until late, they will have a chance. If FSU jumps ahead early though, this one could be finished quickly. 

2.) Does FSU Come Out With Their Foot on the Gas?

The Seminoles have the talent advantage on both sides of the ball. Whether or not they attempt to push that advantage early could determine a lot. If FSU comes out early and can take a few deep shots and hit on a big play or two it could serve to demean a very gritty Duke team. The Blue Devils will likely attempt to keep everything in front of them, give their secondary help and force the Seminoles to dink and dunk them. If FSU can blow that strategy up early, their offense could wreak havoc. 

3.) Will the Weather Have an Impact?

It's overcast and cold in Charlotte. It's only going to get colder as the game continues too. Will that have any impact on FSU -- normally a warm weather team -- in the greater scheme of things?

"That’s just a mindset – you have to go play and it’s like that every year we play up there," said Jimbo Fisher. "It was like that way three years ago when we played Virginia Tech and we played pretty well. It was cool last year too, it wasn’t warm at all either and it’s just that time of year.”

4.) 1,000 Yards?

Several players have a chance to go over 1,000 yards on the season today. Rashad Greene is the closest, needing just 86 yards to reach the mark. Kenny Shaw and Kelvin Benjamin are both in the 800's and would need a huge day to reach the milestone. Meanwhile Devonta Freeman remains FSU's last best hope to be the first 1,000 yard rusher since Warrick Dunn. Freeman has 852 rushing yards, he needs 148 to hit 1,000. That being said, Freeman has only had more than 20 carries twice this season.

5.) Pasadena-bound?

Florida State is 60 minutes from playing for a BCS title -- the last BCS title -- in Pasadena. It's been a long time coming for Seminoles fan. FSU hasn't played for a national title since 2000 and hasn't won one since 1999. Four short years ago the Seminoles started 2-4 -- including a loss to USF -- and had to scratch and claw just to finish over .500. WIth a good game tonight they could be 13-0 for the first time in school history.


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December 06, 2013

Previewing the Opponent: Duke Blue Devils


Duke Blue Devils
Record: 10-2 (6-2 ACC)
Head Coach: David Cutcliffe
All-Time: FSU Leads 18-0

Overview: Be honest, not many people outside of Durham gave Duke much of a chance to be in Charlotte playing for an ACC title. The Blue Devils have been on the rise in the past few years under head coach David Cutcliffe, but few expected Duke to end their season 10-2 with a chance to play for a conference championship.

"Duke has done one heck of a job this year," said Jimbo Fisher. "Very fun to watch on film. Extremely well coached and played extremely hard and make plays, and David has done a tremendous job there and we know we're going to have to play our "A" game to be able to compete with them and play with them, but our kids are looking forward to it."

Duke doesn't blow you away when you glance at the stat sheet. They're 53rd in rushing offense, 55th in passing offense. They win their games by an average score of 34-23. 

But they're gritty. And they're accutely aware that nobody is giving them a shot on Saturday. 

That could make them dangerous.

"As long as it's not the people on our team predicting that [we'll be fine]," said Cutcliffe. "That's the key to that, and I don't think any of our guys are putting us down as 29-point underdogs.

"We have smart guys, as you might imagine, and they're very aware of the challenge. What they see is the quality of the team on tape. It's not unrealistic to say that we've got to play
extremely well. The week started off on Sunday with me telling them the truth. I had seen a lot of Florida State by then. I told them the obvious, but I also told them now the only thing we can do is the quality of our preparation has to match what the quality of our play needs to be to compete with a team of this magnitude.

"They've done all year what we've asked them to do. I thought our preparation each day
this week was special. Hopefully we can follow that up with playing at a high level."

How FSU Stacks Up: Florida State has the edge when it comes to talent. There's really not much debating over that, either.

The biggest obstacle facing Florida State may just be complacency. FSU hasn't faltered as a result of the Jameis Winston situation yet, but now that it has been more or less resolved will there be a let up? In years past FSU has played down to competition. That has yet to happen this year though, and Duke would be wise not to expect it on Saturday.

Offensively the Seminoles will test the Blue Devils unlike any other team they have faced this year. Duke skipped Clemson in ACC scheduling this year and aside from Georgia Tech -- who runs a dramatically different offense than FSU -- there wasn't a whole lot of offensive firepower on the Duke schedule. 

Defensively for FSU, Duke uses two quarterbacks -- and does it effectively -- which is something Florida State has really not encountered this year. The Blue Devils can run from the QB position or throw it. Unfortunately, FSU has the better players when the units match up and by the end of the night that will likely be more impactful than Duke's ability to keep the Seminoles on their toes. 

Three Players to Watch:

1.) Jamison Crowder, WR -- Duke's most dynamic weapon has 88 receptions and 1131 yards.

2.) Brandon Connette, QB -- The more mobile of Duke's two QB's has accounted for 26 touchdowns this year.

3.) Anthony Boone, QB -- For Duke to win, Boone likely needs to have a big day throwing the ball.

Quote of the Week: “It’s the same preparation. It’s the first championship (goal) that we set as a team goal that we have to accomplish. We accomplished our regular season goal of being undefeated and becoming state champions, now it’s time to become conference champions and then, Lord willing, the big one on top.” 

-Jameis Winston


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December 05, 2013

FSU Injury Report: ACC Championship Game (Duke)


“The guys are getting very excited going up and playing in this game and we’re looking forward to it,” Jimbo Fisher said on Thursday. “That’s one of our main goals every year is to get back to Charlotte and take advantage of the opportunity. We’ve practiced well, prepared well and hopefully we carry it to the game field like we have all year and play well on Saturday. I’m looking forward to the opportunity. Duke has played well all year.”

Fortunately, the Seminoles are fairly healthy heading into the Championship game. Jacob Coker's injury doesn't seem nearly as damaging with Jameis Winston now assured of being in the lineup -- his legal issues were cleared up this week from a football standpoint -- and there are no new additions to this week's injury report.

That could all change in Charlotte, but for now the Seminoles are in good shape.

FSU Injury Report for ACC Championship Game


Out for Game
WR     Isaiah Jones (foot)  

Out for Season

QB      Jacob Coker (knee)
OL      Ira Denson (shoulder) 
WR     Jarred Haggins (knee)
TE      Kevin Haplea (knee)
DB      Tyler Hunter (neck) 
LB      Matthew Thomas (shoulder)


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No Charges Coming for Jameis Winston


Jameis Winston will not be charged with sexual assault, state attorney Willie Meggs said earlier today at a press conference at his office in Tallahassee.

The Winston investigation has dragged on for nearly a year. The incident -- which occurred on December 7, 2012 -- was allegedly closed back in February, only to reopen in mid-November after a media inquiry pushed it to the State Attorney's Office. 

"We've carefully examined all the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone," Meggs said on Tuesday.

The Tallahassee Police Department also released an 86-page report outlining their findings in the investigation

Winston's attorney, Tim Jansen, also gave a press conference in front of the Leon County courthouse after Meggs spoke. In it, Jansen continued to assert Winston's innocence, calling the female an "accuser," but not a victim.

"She's not a victim until a jury decides she is," said Jansen in response to a question about the damage that had been done to his client's reputation.

"I want to thank my family, friends, coaches and teammates for standing by me during a difficult time," said Winston via a statement released through Jansen. "I also want to thank the state attorney's office for examining all of the facts and reaching a decision in a conclusive manner.

"It's been difficult to stay silent through this process, but I never lost faith in the truth and in who I am. I'm very relieved I'll be able to continue my education at Florida State and I'm excited I can now get back to helping our team achieve its goals."

Patricia Carroll, the victim's attorney also issued a statement.

"The victim and her family appreciate the state attorney's efforts in attempting to conduct a proper investigation after an inordinate delay by the Tallahassee Police Department," Carroll said in the statement. "The victim in this case had the courage to immediately report her rape to the police and she relied upon them to seek justice. The victim has grave concerns that her experience, as it unfolded in the public eye and through social media, will discourage other victims of rape from coming forward and reporting."

While Meggs said that this case had been closed and was -- in his eyes -- over, the victim's brother took to Twitter following the announcement with a different take. 

"Better be-****ING-lieve this isn't over," he tweeted.

Winston, meanwhile, was at practice on Thursday.

“As you might imagine, I was pleased to hear that the State Attorney’s Office exonerated Jameis in the matter," said head coach Jimbo Fisher in a statement. "I’m not going to answer any questions about the situation, but I would like to point out that our community and our university are blessed to have really good people in place to review matters like this. I know Jameis is pleased he can focus on being a student at a great university and he’s excited about helping our team achieve its goals this year. Right now, we’re all looking forward to what we have in front of us on Saturday.”

Florida State will depart for Charlotte to play Duke in the ACC Championship Game on Thursday night.


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December 02, 2013

17 Seminoles Named All-ACC, Five More Earn Honorable Mention


The All-Atlantic Coast Conference teams were announced today. The regular season concluded this past weekend, Florida State won the Atlantic Division, Duke won the Coastal -- the two schools will meet in Charlotte next Saturday.

For their 12-0 season -- one which saw them set a new conference record for points in a year -- the Seminoles had 17 players named to the All-ACC squads. 

Seven players were named All-ACC first team, including six on offense.

QB Jameis Winston, RB Devonta Freeman, WR Rashad Greene, LT Cam Erving, G Tre Jackson and C Bryan Stork were all named to the first team offense. Lamarcus Joyner was named to the first team defense.

Six more Seminoles were named second team.

TE Nick O'Leary on offense and LB's Telvin Smith and Christian Jones, DT Tim Jernigan and S Terrence Brooks made the second team defense. Roberto Aguayo was the second team kicker.

WR Kelvin Benjamin and G Josue Matias were named third team All-ACC on offense, Mario Edwards and Nate Andrews were named third team on defense and five others -- CB PJ Williams, LB Terrance Smith, RB James Wilder Jr., WR Kenny Shaw and RT Bobby Hart -- were named honorable mention.

In all 17 were named all-ACC and five more were given an honorable mention. 

That's a very high number too, but still, many Florida State fans are bound to feel as though there was a snub or two.

FSU has one of the top defenses in the nation. The Seminoles give up the fewest points and create the most interceptions. What the defense does not do, however, is generate eye-popping stats. 

That's probably why the Florida State defense has been absolutely stifling this season but still saw only one player voted first team all-conference. 

Another potential snub is Roberto Aguayo. Aguayo has missed one kick all season, has set an NCAA record for consecutive extra points without a miss and has out-scored all of FSU's opponents combined this year. For his efforts Aguayo was named a Groza semifinalist. He was not however named first team all-conference though.

Apparently a good majority of the the writers felt Nate Freese at BC was better. Freese hasn't missed a field goal all season -- that's one better than Aguayo -- and edged FSU's redshirt freshman kicker for the honor.

Offensively FSU was well represented though. Winston dominated the weekly ACC awards and was practically a shoo-in at QB. Freeman is a bit surprising, but likely earned the honor for being the best back on the best offense in the conference. The other four, Greene, Erving, Jackson and Stork aren't surprising at all.

Florida State fans aren't the only ones complaining either. Virginia Tech has the third ranked defense in the country and didn't have a single player recognized.

Clemson fans aren't happy. Miami fans aren't happy. Nobody's happy.


2013 All-ACC Football Team

First Team


QB – Jameis Winston, Florida State, 6-4, 225, Fr.-R, Bessemer, Ala. (191)
RB – Andre Williams, Boston College, 6-0, 220, Sr., Schnecksville, Pa. (195)
RB – Devonta Freeman, Florida State, 5-9, 203, Jr., Miami, Fla. (126)
WR – Sammy Watkins, Clemson, 6-1, 205, Jr., Fort Myers, Fla. (191)
WR - Jamison Crowder, Duke, 5-9, 175, Jr., Monroe, N.C. (172)
WR – Rashad Greene, Florida State, 6-0, 180, Jr., Albany, Ga. (126)
TE - Eric Ebron, North Carolina, 6-4, 245, Jr., Greensboro, N.C. (178)
T- Cameron Erving, Florida State, 6-6, 320, Jr.-R, Moultrie, Ga. (148)
T- James Hurst, North Carolina, 6-7, 305, Sr., Plainfield, Ind. (118)
G- Tre’ Jackson, Florida State, 6-4, 330, Jr., Jesup, Ga., (160)
G-Shaq Mason, Georgia Tech. 6-1. 305, Columbia, Tenn.  (96)
C- Bryan Stork, Florida State, 6-4, 298, Sr.-R, Vero Beach, Fla. (181)


DE - Vic Beasley, Clemson, 6-3, 225, Adairsville, Ga. (161)
DE - Kareem Martin, North Carolina,  6-6, 265, Roanoke Rapids, N.C. (159)
DT -  Aaron Donald, Pitt, 6-0, 275, Pittsburgh, Pa. (171)
DT – Nikita Whitlock, Wake Forest, 5-11, 250, Sr.-R, Wylie, Texas (156)
LB - Kelby Brown, Duke, 6-2, 220, Matthews, N.C. (146)
LB – Denzel Perryman, Miami, 6-0, 236, Coral Gables, Fla. (124)
LB – Kevin Pierre-Louis, Boston College, 6-1, 215, Sr., Norwalk, Conn. (123)
CB – Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State, 5-8, 190, Sr., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (172)
CB – Russ Cockrell, Duke, 6-0, 180, Sr.-R, Waxhaw, N.C. (145)
S – Anthony Harris, Virginia, 6-1, 185, Jr., Chesterfield, Va. (142)
S – Jeremy Cash, Duke, 6-2, 210, So.-R, Plantation, Fla. (129)

Special Teams

PK - Nate Freese, Boston College, 6-0, 185, Sr., Strongsville, Ohio (124)
P - Pat O’Donnell, Miami, 6-5, 222, Gr., Lake Worth, Fla. (135)
SP - Ryan Switzer, North Carolina, 5-10, 175, Fr., Charleston, W.Va. (155) 


Second Team


QB - Tajh Boyd, Clemson, 6-1, 225, Sr.-R, Hampton, Va. (132)
RB – Kevin Parks, Virginia, 5-8, 200, Jr.-R,  Salisbury, N.C. (117)
RB - Duke Johnson, Miami, 5-9, 194, So., Miami, Fla. (104)
WR – Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest, 5-11, 190, Sr.-R, Clarksville, Md. (102)
WR - Alex Hurns, Miami, 6-3, 195, Sr., Miami, Fla. (102) 
WR – Tyler Boyd, Pitt, 6-2, 185, Fr., Alexandria, Va. (100)
TE - Nick O’Leary, Florida State, 6-3, 246, Jr., Palm Beach, Fla. (126)
T- Brandon Thomas, Clemson, 6-3, 305, Gr.-R, Spartanburg, S.C. (104)
T- Matt Patchan, Boston College, 6-6, 304, Sr., Tampa, Fla. (92)
G- Laken Tomlinson, Duke, 6-3, 320, Jr.-R, Chicago, Ill. (90)
G- Brandon Linder, Miami, 6-6, 317, Sr., Southwest Ranches, Fla. (80)
C- Macky MacPherson, Syracuse, 6-2, 280, Sr., Syracuse, N.Y. (61)


DE – Jeremiah Attaochu, Georgia Tech, 6-3, 242, Sr. Washington, D.C. (121)
DE – Kenny Anunike, Duke, 6-5, 260, Sr.-R, Galena, Ohio (98)
DT – Timmy Jernigan, Florida State, 6-2, 294, Jr., Lake City, Fla. (124)
DT – Derrick Hopkins, Virginia Tech, 6-0, 306, Sr., Highland Springs, Va. (73)
LB – Telvin Smith, Florida State, 6-3, 218, Sr., Valdosta, Ga. (105)
LB - Jack Tyler, Virginia Tech, 6-1, 236, Sr.-R, Oakton, Va. (93)
LB – Christian Jones, Florida State, 6-4, 232, Sr., Winter Park, Fla. (83)
CB – Kendall Fuller, Virginia Tech, 5-11, 180, Fr., Baltimore, Md. (91)
CB – Bashaud Breeland, Clemson, 6-0, 195, Jr.-R, Allendale, S.C. (69)
S – Terrence Brooks, Florida State, 5-11, 200, Sr., Dunnellon, Fla. (97)
S – Tre Boston, North Carolina, 6-1, 205, Sr., Fort Myers, Fla. (86)

Special Teams

PK - Roberto Aguayo, Florida State, 6-1, 208, Fr.-R, Mascotte, Fla. (123)
P – A.J. Hughes, Virginia Tech, 6-1, 190, So., Terre Haute, Ind. (79)
SP - Jamison Crowder, Duke, 5-9, 175, Jr., Monroe, N.C. (80)


Third Team


QB – Stephen Morris, Miami, 6-2, 214, Sr., Miami, Fla. (24)
RB – Roderick McDowell, Clemson, 5-9, 195, Gr.-R, Sumter, S.C. (85)
RB –Jerome Smith, Syracuse, 6-0, 217, Sr., Bear, Del. (53)
WR – Devin Street, Pitt, 6-4, 190, Sr.-R, Bethlehem, Pa. (80)
WR – Alex Amidon, Boston College, 5-11, 186, Sr., Greenfield, Mass. (70)
WR - Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State, 6-5, 238. So.-R, Belle Glade, Fla. (68)
TE – Braxton Deaver, Duke, 6-5, 240, Jr.-R, Charlotte, N.C. (51)
T- Perry Simmons,  Duke, 6-5, 300, Sr.-R, Raleigh, N.C. (80)
T- Morgan Moses, Virginia, 6-6, 325, Sr., Richmond, Va. (76)
G – Tyler Shatley, Clemson, 6-3, 295, Sr.-R, Icard, S.C. (65)
G- Josue Matias, Florida State, 6-6, 322, Jr. , Union City, N.J. (57)
C- Andy Gallik, Boston College, 6-3, 300, Jr.-R, Evergreen Park, Ill. (52)


DE – Kasim Edebali, Boston College, 6-2, 258, Sr.-R, Hamburg, Germany (65)
DE – Mario Edwards Jr., Florida State, 6-3, 285, So., Gautier, Miss. (56)
DT – Jay Bromley, Syracuse, 6-4, 293, Sr., Jamaica, N.Y. (68)
DT – Luther Maddy, Virginia Tech, 6-1, 288, Jr., Delray Beach, Fla. (56)
LB - Steele Divittto, Boston College, 6-3, 238, Sr., Ridgefield, Conn. (78)
LB - Stephone Anthony, Clemson, 6-3, 235, Jr., Polkton, N.C. (73)
LB – Spencer Shuey, Clemson, 6-3, 230, Gr.-R, Charlotte, N.C. (57)
CB – Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech, 6-0, 193, Sr., Baltimore, Md. (58)
CB – Brandon Facyson, Virginia Tech, 6-2, 173, Fr., Newnan, Ga. (53)
S – Durell Eskridge, Syracuse, 6-3, 202, So., Miami, Fla. (53)
S - Nate Andrews, Florida State, 6-0, 208, Fr., Fairhope, Ala. (44)

Special Teams

PK- Chandler Cantnazaro, Clemson 6-2, 195, Gr.-R, Greenville, S.C. (69)
P - Will Monday, Duke, 6-4, 210, So.-R, Flowery Branch, Ga. (73)
SP - DeVon Edwards, Duke, 5-9, 185, Fr.-R, Covington, Ga. (57)


Honorable Mention

(20 or more points)


Robert Godhigh, RB, Georgia Tech (39)
David Sims, RB, Georgia Tech (29)
James Wilder, Jr., RB, Florida State (23)


Kenny Shaw, WR, Florida State (46)
Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson (34)
Quinshad Davis, WR, North Carolina (33)
Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland (21)


Seantrel Henderson, OT, Miami (34)
Bobby Hart, OT, Florida State (30)
Sean Hickey, OT, Syracuse (29)
Ian White, OT, Boston College (27)


Andrew Miller, OG, Virginia Tech, (53)
Will Jackson, OG, Georgia Tech, (35)
Matt Rotheram, OG, Pitt (22)
Jon Feliciano, OG, Miami (20)


Russell Bodine, C, North Carolina (28)
David Wang, C, Virginia Tech (21)


James Gayle, DE, Virginia Tech (42)


Grady Jarrett, DT, Clemson (39)
Brent Urban, DT, Virginia (21)


Robert Caldwell, LB, NC State (51)
Marcus Whitfield, LB, Maryland (45)
Marquis Spruill, LB, Syracuse (31)
Terrance Smith, LB, Florida State  (26)
Norkeithus Otis, LB, North Carolina (22)
Cole Farrand, LB, Maryland (22)


Tracy Howard, CB, Miami (30)
P.J. Williams, CB, Florida State (25)
Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest (22)
Jabari Price, CB, North Carolina (20)


Ray Vinopal, S, Pitt (30)
Jason Hendricks, S, Pitt (29)
Ryan Janvion, S, Wake Forest (28)
Kyshoen Jarrett, S, Virginia Tech (23)
Deon Bush, S, Miami (20)


Niklas Sade, PK, NC State (37)
Ross Martin, PK, Duke (26)


Tommy Hibbard, P, North Carolina (26)


Stacy Coley, SP, Miami (22)


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It's Time for Florida State to Extend Jimbo Fisher


It’s decision time.

All around the country programs are taking stock. Some schools are letting coaches go, others are locking coaches down.

It seems Will Muschamp will survive at Florida. Kevin Sumlin was extended six years at Texas A&M. Art Briles got ten more years at Baylor.

With several big schools -- USC and Texas, for example -- potentially shopping for head coaches this offseason, it would be foolish not to hold on to a good one.

That’s why Florida State University needs to lock up Jimbo Fisher long-term. And it needs to be done now. It won't be cheap, but FSU would be crazy not to.

When asked a couple of week ago if Florida State had opened discussions with its fourth year head coach, Athletic Director Stan Wilcox declined to comment.

If Wilcox hasn’t already started that discussion, he needs to.

Last season -- after FSU went 12-2 and won the Orange Bowl -- several teams made overtures at Fisher. This year the interest will likely be even stronger. FSU needs to lock down its fourth year head coach for the long haul. It has to give him the big money.

He’s earned it.

Through his first four season seasons, Fisher is 43-10. He’s 7-1 against in-state rivals -- 3-1 against Florida, 4-0 against Miami. He’s won his last 14 straight. He’s reloaded FSU’s coffers.

Now Florida State needs to load his.

When Fisher took over at Florida State he inherited a team that had just gone 7-6 -- a mark they had to scratch and claw for after starting 2-4 -- and he was tasked with bringing a once proud program back to relevance.

Four years later the Seminoles are the top-ranked team in the country.

The AP Poll, the Coaches’ Poll, the BCS -- they all have FSU at number one. Florida State has won their games by an average score of 54-11 this season. The Seminoles are ranked first nationally in scoring defense and second in scoring offense. Their kicker has outscored all of their opponents combined.

FSU is back.

And though Fisher won’t win it, he deserves consideration for national coach of the year.

Florida State lost 11 players to the NFL draft last season. Fisher had to replace his entire defensive line, his leading rusher and his starting quarterback. Fisher also lost half his coaching staff including both coordinators. He replaced them all and Florida State actually got better this year.

2013 has seen the Seminoles set a new ACC record for points in a single season and the ‘Noles are just 72 away from the NCAA record -- they have two games left to break it. FSU has won every game by at least 14 points, has scored at least 37 in every contest and hasn’t trailed since September 28th.

Several years worth of top recruiting classes have made Florida State one of the most talented programs in the country. Good coaching hires have helped FSU develop its talent into productive players. The NFL has noticed, 11 Seminoles were picked in last year’s draft and several more signed as free agents. This year, week in and week out the sidelines of the Dunlap Practice Fields and the press box at Doak Campbell Stadium have been filled with pro scouts.

There is no denying that the program is back.

And the growth as a head coach on Fisher’s part is undeniable too.

Early in the year it was Fisher’s ability to admit when he was wrong -- he told reporters he needed to do a better job of trusting his young quarterback, Jameis Winston, after they had argued following an interception in the Miami game -- that showed his evolution as a coach.

Lately it has been his ability to focus his team in spite of off-field distractions that has distinguished him. As the Jameis Winston situation drags on Fisher has had to keep his team’s focus on the task at hand, on their next opponent -- and not on the pending investigation.

Since the news broke FSU has won 59-3 over Syracuse, set a school record for points in a game against Idaho and crushed rival Florida 37-7 in the Swamp.

Soon FSU will likely play for a national title.

But if Florida State is smart they’ll have their head coach signed to a big extension long before then.


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