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Frugalista...I am so down with the staycation plus I've gone one step further, I opted not to invite family over. Reason being? I usually host on holidays this (entertaining) too can be costly. Happy 4th!

I really wanted to comment on this post. I spend my summers on Ocracoke Island. I love being here and being part of the simple lifestyle from which I learn so much. I have not touched my car for over a month...hang laundry out every day, bike to all the places I need to go. (and yes, I work here as well, it is not vacation!!)

I have company and dinner parties all of the time...but they are all pot luck! It is the greatest way to entertain. Everyone brings food, we all share, and no one is out extra money. I could never give up friends and parties and with pot lucks there are more than ever. I attended two and hosted two during the past few days!! When I go back to Indiana for the winter, I follow my same advice!!

Lou Ann

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