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I like these tips and I think they are frugalistic :-).
Her 70/30 rule it totally on point. I believe in buying more classis pieces because they look great over time. I feel like I get more bang for my buck with classic clothing items. I don't mind shopping out of season, (looking for sweaters in July) or shopping online in the clearance categories, that always helps.
Great guest blogger Frugalista!!

Agreed on the 70/30 rule!I think there's a shift in those numbers the older I get. I'm at about 80/20 right now.

great, accurate comments and suggestions.
work the hell out of the vintage pieces and keep you classic pieces in god condition as you can count on them for forever. a girl can NEVER have enough camel or navy cashmere. go gettem!

Clothing Swap: I do this with a group of extended friends every year or so. We clean out our closets and then get together for a tryon and swap. What ever is left over gets donated. I usually get two or three things that I like while getting rid of things I don't wear any more. And it is a fun get togetherl.

PJD-Indeed. I don't want to run around looking like a teen.
Coco-I concur.
Lisa-I love the camel color. Just love it.
Eli-I agree. I swap with friends, too!

Good tips! Also, before buying an item of clothing, take a look at the fabric and seams.

Are you going to need to dry clean it? (expensive)
Is the garment well constructed? (cheap won't last)
Does it look great on you, or just OK? (You are TOO PRETTY to wear stuff that just looks OK on you!!!)

You are better off with 5 good outfits that look great on than 15 junky outfits that won't hold up and don't make you look great.

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