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Coffee is a rip off as far as I'm concerned. But then, when you don't like it, it's easy to say that.

I just don't get spending that much money for a beverage. I mean, you're better off going off the caffeine all together and switching to water if you find that you are spending more than a dollar a day on a particular type of drink.

And when I mean water, I mean get a filter or something, but DON'T buy bottled water - that's a total rip-off! You can get a pitcher filter for your desk if you don't have filtered water at work.

On the rare occasion I go into a Starbucks (usually to meet with someone), I get a regular coffee or espresso which costs less than $2. Everything else there is more expensive, more fattening and less fun than a beer at the local watering hall.

I stay away from McDonald's in general. I don't trust myself near the fries.

I don't drink coffee but I know that Starbucks has made a killing in the past with their prices. I think Mickey D's can give them a run for their money.

No frugalistas like coffee? I rarely drink it. I prefer to nuture other addictions. ;)

Something about buying fancy coffee from McDonald's just seems strange to me. I think the best idea is to invest in a quality at-home machine and make it from home instead of throwing down several dollars a day at Starbucks or other expensive coffee shops. Even buying cheaper coffee from McDonald's every day adds up!

I'm with Coffee Fan. I'd feel weird about buying fancy coffee from McDonald's, too. (It might be because my local McDonald's happens to be a particularly creepy joint.) Although I love coffee, I've switched to tea because (a) I never can manage to get up early enough to brew a pot of coffee before I go to work and (2) a tea bag costs next to nothing. But every few weeks, I treat myself to an enormous cup of coffee, which I buy from a local gift shop where the coffee's good and cheap. It took some asking around to find out about it, but it was worth it.

I used to go to Starbucks nearly every day. No more!

I seriously love McDonald's coffee straight up. I don't need a fancy line; to me, their normal coffee is 10x better than any Starbucks any day.

Are you folks insane? Lol. I stop by my local Starbucks, log on to the internet on my laptop via Wi-Fi and sip on my blended drinks every Saturday and Sunday morning. It's not hard. Just budget it into your cash flow. It works for me. Drinking lattes at McDonalds? Ewww! That's like buying Diesel jeans at Walmart. Lol.

I love specialty coffees from Starbucks, Caribou Coffee and Seattle's Best. Sadly, the last two aren't available in South Florida, but if they were, I'd be there every weekend.

Also, I wanted to add that enjoying lattes at Starbucks, Caribou Coffee or any of those "better" cafes is a cultural thing. Why is it that everything has to be about how much is being spent. I'm proud of Starbucks because it is one of those cultural aspects of American society that our grand children are going to remember us by. I think that's a good thing.

I always liked MD's regular coffee and recently tried the Latte and was impressed. I would definitely buy another BUT!!! I make some slammin' coffee at home and only purchase coffee if I'm on a early morning road trip... I can make my own lattes, iced coffee, you name it RIGHT at home. Starbucks coffee is just too strong for me to like... I've tried different blends and really didn't care for the pricey coffee. MD's could do well with the Cafe's if they don't rush the process and select very popular areas to sale but I don't don't it would do well here in our rural area

I've had the McDonald's iced lattes. They're good and so cheap! Starbucks coffee tastes burned to me - it's not so tasty.

I use to like the atmosphere at Starbucks. But they lost it. Is Starbucks special anymore?

I do like SB coffee and fit is into my Frugalista budget every other week when I take a trip up north of town for business. Also I get my coffee from home from them. So I am still a customer. :-)

McDonald Latte - ok I am game, I'll bite .... but really... Cafe du Mode in New Orleans the best coffee, let's try to reproduce that and at Frugalista prices. And I'll take a beignet with that - hold the Mc Muffin. Julie

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