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Give in and stop denying yourself. I didn't buy anything because there wasn't really anything I needed...

I don't know if I will buy something today becaue the day is still young. I was not going to get any clothes on Black friday until you posted that link with savings codes....so off to J Jill I went lol but I did shop the "sale" section. I got great deals! Thanks for supporting my habit Frugalista..lol

Dwayne-You are too kind. I have a fundraiser event coming up. I may break down and buy a new dress because the ones I own need to be put into retirement.
PJD-Bad Frugalista ! Bad Frugalista! I should be ashamed. I bet you bought something adorable, so I am happy that you are happy with your purchase!

I worked all day, so the temptation to shop was tempered.

The Wal-Mart tragedy has illuminated how the competitive "Black Friday" deals bring out the worst in people.

If I have to stand in line all night to buy something, then there's something seriously wrong with our culture of shopping.

My Ukranian brother-in-law used to stand in line for hours to buy toilet paper, chicken or whatever. His family left the country to not be part of that.

Cheap DVD player or toilet paper?

What's the difference.

-Katy Wolk-Stanley
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."


I watched TV and ate leftovers on Friday. I also went to the gym. I am not a big fan of crazy crowds and I also like to browse when I shop and not be ran over by crazy people.

I made a list and checked it twice and bought a majority of my gifts online.

I'll be buying the rest in two weeks and I'll just have to make it work with this cash. I am, however, putting gifts into more boxes so it looks like I got a lot more than I actually did. Cheap, I know, but it's a recession out here AND I'm trying to get my credit card debt down.

@Katy-I was mortified by the Wal-Mart story. Mortified. People are sick. I hope they find and prosecute every last one of the shoppers that day.
@Tea-Smart trick with the gifts in boxes! I might have to adopt it!

Christmas gifts are for children only this year. Everyone else will have to be mature enough to understand. I may buy some things in January once I'm caught up on bills from holiday travel.

I must say, I was in line at WalMart at 2:30am for a wii and a couple of Nintendo DS(s)....

I've been promising my girls' a wii for however long they've been out...so now it was time to make good on it. I did put my purchases on plastic, but this Friday, I get my check with my cashed out vacay and sick time, so it will go directly to that card...I'll even have a couple of hundred left over for pitty pat gifts...a couple of outfits and maybe a pair of shoes. At their ages, the clothes and shoes are still cheap!

I refused to even leave the house. I focused on those leftovers and was good. Lol

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